How To Choose The Best Tiles For Your Home: A Step-By-Step Guide

How To Choose The Best Tiles For Your Home

Tiles are an easy and affordable way to jazz up the look and feel of your space. Whether you fancy subway tiles or prefer the elegance of marble, here is a step-by-step guide to choosing the best for your home:

1. Visualize your desired aesthetic

Before you begin, visualize how you want your space to look. Are you after a modern kitchen or setting up a rustic farmhouse bathroom? The ideal tile color, pattern, and size works with the vibe of the room—not against it.

2. Think about the purpose of the room

Yes, it matters where your tiles are going to be installed. Living rooms and kitchens with bustling footsteps will require flooring that’s sturdier and resistant to impact. Moisture- and slip-resistant tiles work well for the patios and pool surrounds. The same tiles will thrive in the bathroom.

3. Know the different tile options 

The next step is to explore the different tiling materials. A little knowledge about their qualities goes a long way to determine the best options for you. Tile types you’ll discover include ceramic, porcelain, glass, natural stone, and metal. While ceramic and porcelain may seem similar, you’ll learn that one may have features you require more than the other.

4. Tell apart wall and floor tiles

Tiles marked “wall tiles” mean just that—for vertical surfaces only. They’re lightweight and will break when used on floors. In contrast, floor tiles are denser and stronger. They’re able to withstand footfall and can sometimes be an option for walls. Understand the difference and choose according to your use.

5. Set a budget for your project 

Different tiling materials are available at different prices to cater to all budgets. There are tons of affordable options that offer longevity and aesthetics combined. Make sure to factor in installation costs and invest in 10-15% more product for wastage.

6. Determine the best size and scale

The size and layout of your space have an impact on the tiles you choose. Many think that large-format tiles are great for big rooms only. Sure, they do create a sense of flow. But if you’re designing a small space, don’t shy away from going big. Fewer grout lines create a seamless finish that opens a tiny room up. 

Dainty mosaic tiles exhibit a great deal of grout lines. Used on floors, this effect visually cuts a small room up but can work well as a wall accent. In larger spaces, the same effect on walls adds depth.

7. Choose a color to complement your style

Now is the time to decide on the best tile color for your space! More a rule than a tip: limit the room to no more than three colors so it doesn’t feel busy. Lighter-toned tiles with a gloss finish can brighten a small space. If you’re going for a moody look, darker floors will pull the room in to create a cocooning effect. Aiming for sanctuary-style living? Explore crisp whites, blues, greens, and sandy browns.

8. Decide between glossy and matte

Once you’ve selected tile colors, now look into different finishes. A big trend towards matte tiles has seen interiors that are laid-back and contemporary. Bathrooms, patios, and pool surrounds feel safe underfoot with matte flooring. If you’re dead set on glossy tiles, you’ll love how they reflect light and brighten the room. A high-sheen tone adds panache and richness to a space.

9. Order samples before deciding

Before committing to a large purchase, order samples of your top choices. This way, you can have a better idea of how well the tiles complement your space and look at different times of the day.

10. Don’t overlook tile grout

Grout is an important element that brings together the design of your indoor and pool tiles. Do you prefer to match or contrast grout and tile colors? If you want grout lines to fall to the back, choose a matching scheme. To highlight the design of your tile, a contrasting grout color will do the trick. Remember that grout should be sealed to enhance the longevity of your tilework.


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