How to Choose the Right Company to Install Your Vinyl Fences

How to Choose the Right Company to Install Your Vinyl Fences

Vinyl fencing has become increasingly popular and has replaced traditional wood palings and fences. Also, for those who want to try something new, vinyl fencing can be the alternative they would admire. It may have a cost higher than the wooden paling, but it is worth it because all you want is something that lasts long and is durable. Moreover, adding to the good news, once you have installed vinyl fencing, you don’t have to spend more money on maintenance. This is the reason why it has become a new favourite among the masses and precisely why they are slowly replacing the wooden ones.

Vinyl fencing

They are made of plastic, made specially from polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Then many certain constituents are combined with it, making it tough, durable, and resistant to moisture, weather, and Ultraviolet rays.

As good as the benefits of vinyl fencing may sound to you, at the same time, before installing them, many things need to be considered, or you may make costly mistakes with them. To make it easier for you to decide, we have listed the pros and Cons of installing these fencings:

                                PROS                              CONS
They are easier to maintain, thus reducing costs for maintenanceExtreme weather can affect the material
Very high-quality vinyl fencing looks a lot like the traditional wooden fencingThe material is not natural
It does not rot The initial installing cost can be higher compared to others
You can clean it easilyAlgae, mildew, and mold can cause staining

 It is crucial to ask yourself a few questions before installing them.

  • For what exactly are you installing the fencing?
  • If you know the answer to question one, then the next question would be what style of vinyl fencing will help you achieve your purpose of installing them?
  • And the last question would be, what material and style of the vinyl fencing would merge with the design and landscaping of your home?

This is why it is very important to choose a good company for installing your vinyl fencing because when it comes to vinyl fencing, trust no one but the experts.

Vinyl fencing Orlando and the All Country Fence

Installation and requirements:

As explained before, choosing a good company for installing your vinyl fencing is of paramount importance. All your investment is in vain if the company who is installing it is not among the best ones.  Moreover, since you are also spending a lot on fencing, you better spend a little more to make the whole process perfect. There is an exact science behind aligning a fence while installing, which only a professional understands.

By offering a vast range of vinyl fencing services, All County Fence meets all your needs. All County Fence is best if you are looking for vinyl fencing services, especially in Orlando.

Clearing the legalities

All Country Fencing, being a professional company, once hired, starts the installation process first by clearing the legal aspects of the project.  The important aspects that need to be looked into are:

  • Limitation of the property line
  • Local convenience
  • Zoning-law features

The layout of the fencing

This is another reason why you should trust only a professional for your vinyl fencing. The layout of the fencing is of crucial importance; only a professional knows how to stake out the fence with straight lines and right corners.

We set the temporary posts and string lines in between them, which act as a visual marker. Then the arrangement is altered after a rough pattern appears. The string line at the end will become the fence. Then there are other technicalities involved, like considering the slope of the property and every other thing that makes the land attractive and visually appealing. 

Digging holes for the posts

Like every other process, digging the holes precisely and accurately demands an experienced team. The diameter is kept at about 8 inches, and the depth depends on the posts’ length. A team knows how much depth can support gravel along with the post, giving drainage to the post, so it is never immersed in water.

The setting of the concrete

The next tiring task for the contractors is to put in the sections and the posts. The next goal for a team is to make the proper alignment, even if it takes some time. The All Country Fence makes sure that the team follows the following steps:

  • Beating the post into the ground until it hits the gravel
  • Then plumbing and flattening the post
  • After setting a post, its adjacent posts are set
  • Before the concrete sets, they are compared and adjusted

This step is very important and needs technical guidance to complete. The technicalities are death with precision and accuracy.

They need to look straight, that’s the whole point. If this step is messed up, the whole layout is destroyed. The team you hire should know these, or else the fencing would not turn out the way you would have imagined.

Panel attachments

For panels to slide onto the post, we install brackets onto them. Our professional team makes all the efforts and takes time to install the post with accuracy, which is why without any problem, the panels and brackets fit together.

After this step, our experts inspect the whole fencing and test it with every panel in place. We have explained the whole process, and now you all know how much precision and accuracy are required for the whole process, and only professionals can be trusted with a task as important as this one. Minor mistakes in the process can cost you a lot, and that’s why we suggest you trust our services. Beautify your house with vinyl fencing, and our dedicated team will make sure it looks eye-catching and is technically erect and durable. You can contact All Country Fence anytime. Their eager team is ready to help you and give you advice all the time.


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