How To Add Colours To Your Walls With Splash Of Arts

How To Add Colours To Your Walls With Splash Of Arts

Many are design enthusiasts willing to go above and beyond occasionally when it comes to house decor and renovation.

Few people are willing to adjust to shifting seasonal trends and have the time and energy to do so as they travel up and down the “trends chart.” And few are as simple to accept dazzling wall art. It all comes down to how to add colours to your walls with Splash of Arts. This article will focus on adding colours to your wall with wall arts under these points. 

  • Finding the suitable wall artwork with Splash of Arts
  • Placing, illuminating, and emphasising wall art to add colours to your walls
  • Some other ways you can add colours to your walls 

Adding colours to your walls with Splash of Arts means finding the suitable wall artwork, placing, illuminating and emphasising wall art and involving a few other methods. Let’s dive deeper to get a better understanding. 

Finding the Right Wall Artwork with Splash of Arts

The ideal wall art for your house depends just as much on your personal preferences as it does on the design and concept of the space where it will be displayed. Prioritise your own aesthetic and personal preferences over prevailing trends.

Some homeowners want a piece of wall art that dominates the space and ultimately reflects their aesthetic preferences. Still, others are much more adaptable and are content with an addition that only introduces the proper colours and style. 

Here, the definition of art is up for dispute in the broadest sense. But this general category includes anything from framed black and white photos to old posters and vintage prints. With Splash of Arts, you can find the best wall art that suits your preference and brings out the beauty you expect. 

Placing, illuminating, and emphasising wall art to add colours to your walls

It is not difficult to ensure that the enormous wall art piece occupies the best space on the accent wall. However, things become a little more challenging when the area is less stark, and you must incorporate additional accents and elements in addition to the wall art. You benefit greatly from track lighting and accent lighting in this. The best approach to highlight this beautiful item is with a flood of natural light during the day, with artificial lighting taking over after sunset. Here, aesthetics come first!

Some other Few ways you can add colours to your Walls 

Use these paint-free techniques inspired by furnishings like fabric, wallpaper, shelves, curtains, and more to add colour and soft texture to your home, in addition to experimenting with image galleries and objects other than frames to liven up your walls. 

Fabric Rubble

Use fabric to create a colourful, patterned wallpapered effect. Utilise liquid starch to hang cloth on your walls.

Opulent curtains

Use curtains if you want the supple appearance of draped cloth. They may be extended from wall to wall and from floor to ceiling.

Vintage textiles

By draping bound or hemmed fabrics, you may add colour and design. Choose oversized materials like carpets, quilts, tapestries, or handwoven items.

Your wall is an integral part of your home, and therefore careful consideration should be given to it when it comes to interior design, and this is why Splash of Arts is here. 

You can add colours to your walls with Splash of Arts by selecting the best wall arts from us. 

Make your home and office vibrant with Splash of Arts.


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