How Real Estate Agents Can Get More Linkedin Followers & Engagement

How Real Estate Agents Can Get More Linkedin Followers & Engagement

Linkedin is the place to be right now on social media. The organic reach (the number of people who see your posts) is significantly larger than any other platform. As they grow their market share and become a content platform, there is an excellent opportunity for real estate agents to reach more potential clients for free.

This article will look at some free and relatively easy ways to gain more followers on your Linkedin company page and grow your network for your personal profile.

Invite 100 Linkedin Members per Month

The easiest way to get more people to follow your Linkedin business page is to invite 100 people per month. When you log in to Linkedin and click to manage your business page, there should be a sidebar with the headline – “Invite Connections To Follow” on the right-hand side. You can click to invite your Linkedin connections to follow your business page.

Tag Other Companies & People

One great way to get engagement is to tag other companies and people in your posts. For example, you could create a post about the best marketing tools you’ve used and tag the company pages in the post. Let’s say you use Ruler Analytics for tracking your calls, write a post about how good the tool is and tag them in it. Any company that you promote is likely to share or comment on it to increase your reach.

Videos with Transcripts

Videos are the least competitive format to post on Linkedin. They take more time and effort, and you have to put yourself out there a bit more with a video. Linkedin also likes to promote video content because it keeps people engaged and on their platform for longer. Videos have to be posted directly to Linkedin, however. Any links to external websites like YouTube will generally kill your reach.

If you want to get the most out of your videos, transcripts are important. Most people watch videos on mute, so you are less likely to get any engagement if you don’t have a transcript. You can use apps such as Voicella on iPhone and Android that will automatically transcribe videos and a range of video editors that allow you to add your captions.

Quotes & Images

Images also tend to get more engagement than text posts. Ted conferences Linkedin page share many quotes with a simple plain background. For example, this quote from Tim Ferris has nearly 2,000 ”likes” and 38 comments.

As with any content that you post on Linkedin, it should inspire, educate or inform.

Provide Value

As touched on above, all posts should provide value to your target audience. You shouldn’t try and promote and sell your services or products directly all the time on Linkedin. People will follow your page if it is full of posts that contain helpful information.

The best way to do this is to identify your ideal customer persona and target audience. Once you have done that, find out where they hang out online – Facebook groups, Reddit forums, or Twitter, for example. Then do some research and find out what their issues and pain points are. For instance, people looking to buy property may not have the time to visit multiple properties or struggle to find relevant properties. In this case, a helpful post might be a list of properties in a specific area within a certain price range.

For example, you might post information regarding posts for sale in Florida for under $350,000 with a pool. You could do another post for houses for sale in Florida, for under $300,000 with a garage.

Trending News

When you log in to Linkedin on a desktop device, you should see several headlines under the main heading “Linkedin News.” Engaging with these posts and sharing them with an insightful comment will likely result in further engagement for your personal profile.

Linkedin Polls

Another great way to boost engagement is to create polls. Linkedin Polls are a relatively new feature on Linkedin, and they let you create polls that appear on member’s newsfeeds – they are a bit like a mini-survey.

The great thing from a real estate agent’s perspective is that the polls are not anonymous – you can see who selected what. To create a poll, click to create a new post. Put a little bit of text above the poll to say what it is about. You can also ask people to comment and engage – this will increase the reach of the post.

To select the poll option, at the bottom of the ”box, you should see three horizontal dots … click on the dots, then select “create a poll.” Then type a question at the top and add up to four options for the answer.

Click “Done” when you are ready.

As a real estate professional, you could ask a question such as “What is the number one issue that stops you from moving to a new property?” or “what is the thing that annoys you the most about moving home?” or even “what is your budget for your next home?”

Think of a question that would create qualified leads, people who would be interested in your service. Once the poll has expired, you can see who answered what. You can then reach out to specific Linkedin members and offer them a free service or an offer to hopefully get them interested in the properties you have for sale.

While you can engage with people via Linkedin messages, you are much more likely to convert someone to a sale or opportunity if you can speak to them on the phone. Reach out with your telephone number if they respond to your initial message. You can always use a 24/7 answering service such as Moneypenny’s if you are not always available to take a call.


Linkedin is one of the best places to find prospects in the real estate industry. Ensure that your Linkedin profile is optimized with a professional image and spend time engaging and commenting on other people’s posts. It can take time to build up a following on your business page; however, if you provide value consistently and use video with transcripts and polls, you can have great success.



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