How Home Safety Can Change By Neighborhood

How Home Safety Can Change By Neighborhood

Are you considering packing up and moving house? Maybe you’ve got sick of your four walls because of the lockdown. Perhaps you don’t want to live around your neighbors because you’ve fallen out of love with them.

Either way, if you’re moving neighborhood one of the key questions is how much local crime is in the area. You don’t want to find yourself at the mercy of burglars or being mugged at gunpoint. Now, do you want local crime to affect your home valuation?

So how do you spot local crime and how do you know what areas are likely to have high local crime rates. 

1. How Wealthy is Your Neighbourhood?

The largest factor determining how much local crime is in your neighborhood is how wealthy your neighborhood is. 

If you live in a more affluent neighborhood the chances are there will be less crime because people will have money and life chances are won’t feel the need to carry out low-level crime. 

Unfortunately in less affluent areas where there is less education and less wealth more and more people turn to crime to attempt to fix their problems. This includes violent crime and crime with a financial motive like burglary. 

Just because you live in a wealthy neighborhood you still need a professional to install your burglar alarm. Be sure toย discover more here.

2. What Opportunities Are There?

If you live in a big city with lots of social mobility and the opportunity to move up the ladder crime levels might be low.

But if there’s a sense of despair and nobody has any pride in their neighborhood then this might be an issue that leads to more crime. It can become a downward spiral. This is how crime impacts home valuation in the long run. 

Find out what the schools are like and how far it is to the nearest hub where there are opportunities. 

Remember that lockdown and the pandemic have brought crime levels down in general. 

3. Can You Help Fix the Problem?

Many people often forget that they have the power to fix the crime issues in their area and ultimately how crime impacts home valuation. By engaging with the community and putting money into projects mental health and education you might starve off some of the problems. 

Try to engage with the community and find out the root cause of the problems. Find out who lives where and don’t automatically phone the police for low-level crime. 

Don’t believe that the problems are intractable, try to sort them out for yourself. 

Local Crime Doesn’t Pay

If you’re thinking about local crime rates in neighborhoods when you are deciding whether to live there or not, don’t always assume that the problems are intractable. It’s important not to treat poor neighborhoods as no-go zones.

You can help improve the situation yourself by engaging with the community and putting money into local charities. Try to understand the perspective of those who are carrying out the crime as well as protecting yourself. It’s important to have a balanced view.

If you are interested in learning more about local crime rates or changes in crime by neighborhood then be sure to check out the rest of our site.


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