How Can You Get A Fair Price When Selling Your Home?

How Can You Get A Fair Price When Selling Your Home?

It’s easy to sell yourself short as a homeowner, but this isn’t necessary. If you’re savvy, you can sell your home at a price that reflects its real value. Here we’ll briefly explore three things you should consider if you’re trying to move your house at or near the actual value it should command in your local market.

1. Holding Out Where Appropriate

Now it goes without saying that a realtor is going to help you move your property in the easiest and most convenient way. But you need to know that realtors take a fee, and it’s commonly between 3% and 6% of the total property value; depending on the realtor, and the property in question.

It is possible to agree on a lower commission for a realtor with more valuable property, but you might have to go through a few different realty agencies. Here’s the thing: a realtor has the prerogative to move your home as swiftly as possible. This is good for many who are seeking to sell a home. But that doesn’t always have to mean the realtor will get you the highest price.

If someone wants what you’re selling bad enough, they’ll pay more for it. Accordingly, if you’re savvy enough to hold out for a few months, you might be able to get a better deal.

If you’ve got an excellent property that should command a higher price than the offers you’re getting, you can hold out—but this might just delay closing, and you could end up giving up when no big offers come in over a certain period of time. So holding out is a risk that may or may not pay off. Do your homework into local realty markets to make the best choice.

2. Consulting With Professionals

A little consultation from professionals like House Heroes can help you understand your neighborhood, and what properties should bring. Such professionals can advise you, and even buy your house as-is for a fair price. Especially if you’re in a decent neighborhood, and you’ve been diligent to maintain the property, you may find you can get a better price for it than you first expected.

3. Making the Place Smell Good

Mobile air purifiers can be a good idea, and it is a very simple way to improve your indoor air quality. Especially if your property has a slight odor, this strategy is key. Basically, set up a purifier and some scented candles.

Barring candles, there are aroma sprays you can use to make your house smell better. Be sure to keep the house smelling good before any potential buyers examine the premises. Also, clean up the yard, and it’s not a bad idea to paint the place right before you list it.Take pictures when the paint is new, and assure everything both looks and smells good. Such little steps will do a lot to help you get the price you should on the property you’re selling.

Getting the Price Your Property Should Command

If you hold out where appropriate, consult with professionals and make the premises attractive in terms of smell and other associated factors, you’re a lot more likely to get a fair price on the property you’re trying to sell.


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