Home Talk – Getting Funky With Fabric Sofa Beds

Home Talk - Getting Funky With Fabric Sofa Beds

Imagine yourself just chilling on the sofa bed – reading comic books, watching TV, using your phone, and so on. We also use it to sleep. So it comes as no surprise that the sleeper sofa is an integral part of the house. But what exactly is a sofa bed? How is it different from leather ones? Will it cost an arm and leg to purchase a sofa bed? You better stick around if you want to find out!

Defining A Fabric Sofa Bed

A fabric sofa bed is a type of couch that comes with a metal frame and a mattress under its cushions. The sofa’s primary material is fabric. The mattress and metal frame make up for a bed. The component extends the sofa. This feature allows for wider seating or sleeping purposes. Although there are presets to the mattresses in sofa beds, you can customize one that will fit your needs.

There are three primary types of mattresses:

Spring sofa mattress

A spring sofa mattress is a type of mattress that comes with springs that support the entire component. You may customize your pick to have stress-relieved springs. The only downside to doing so is that you will spend more cash on it.

Foam sofa mattress

A foam sofa mattress replaces the springs with an overall foam. The foam acts as an infinite set of springs which allow for better comfort. Plus, the foam will return to its original shape even after heavy usage.

Pocket coil mattress

Pocket coil mattresses are entirely different from their foam and spring counterparts. They have a higher quality than the rest. This is due to the coils that have their own pockets in the component. The coils provide better support and comfort. In addition, they do not have the need to for folding and tucking when you set them away for the day.

Couch Battle: Fabric vs. Leather

Some people will mention that fabric is better than leather. There are others who claim otherwise. However, it will be up to you to decide. So here are some key points that describe the two.

Fabric sofa beds

  • They are on par with leather when it comes to comfort
  • They give you that homey atmosphere wherever you set one
  • You can customize fabric sofa beds with intricate and complicated designs
  • Are the better choice in terms of seasonal usage

Leather sofa beds

  • Are more durable than fabric options
  • Tend to absorb heat during the summer
  • Prove to be the better choice when it comes to sophistication
  • Give off that classic look

So, what is the verdict? The answer is that there is no real winner. Both leather and fabric sofa beds have properties and features that might best the other. But this aspect does not mean one choice will supersede the other. It depends on your choice whether to go for class, function and so on. You can select one. But if that is not enough, then why not go for both options?

Purchasing Fabric Sofa Beds

You can go to your local mall, and there will surely be upholstery or outlet that caters to sofa bed sales and services. There you can pick from a catalog of designs. Plus, you get to see and touch the real thing. But if traveling is a hassle for you, there is always the alternative of going online for your shopping needs. There are thousands of online shops and sites that showcase fabric sofa beds and other related items. 

The Benefits Of Fabric Sofa Beds

Here is a quick list of why you should get yourself a fabric sofa bed. 

  • Fabric sofa beds save area space. You can set one up and tuck it away to get that extra room for other purposes.
  • Sofa beds can be a decent alternative to actual beds. A number of people mention that it is way better to sleep on a sofa bed than a regular one.
  • Fabric sofa beds are discreet. Visitors will not notice one until you set it up for them to see.
  • You save on some cash with fabric sofa beds. With it, you already have two pieces of furniture in one compact item. There will be no need to trouble yourself if you want to decorate a guestroom with one.

Is A Sofa Bed Worth The Expense?

That is a hundred percent yes from us. If you have trouble with picking a bed and a couch, why not opt for a combo? That is the main reason why fabric sofa bed investments are worth it. You save on time and resources, and did we mention how rad it is to have a sofa bed in your home? Talk about class and comfort at the same time.


A fabric sofa bed is one of the best investments you can manage for your home. The two-way furniture works a number of functions, and it enhances your place’s aesthetic appeal. So go ahead, and start your sofa bed hunting today!


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