Home Selling Guide – 8 Different Ways To Sell Your Home

Home Selling Guide - 8 Different Ways To Sell Your Home

Buying or selling a home is a tough, as it is a crucial financial decision. It can be stressful. Today, although there are several ways to sell your home, but if you don’t want to get scammed, you need to jump through hoops and hurdles. Endless streams of red tape. Agents, their commission, and never-ending fees. These are the norms. Although there are many ways to sell your home each method has its own pros and cons.

Whatever method you choose, it is important to have a little know-how about the process of selling  your home. If you feel all this too difficult and hectic, we’re here to help. Our agency strives to give you the best market rates for your property. We deal with the details and process so you can enjoy peace of mind. We have the principle of serving our clients with full honesty. 

Here are eight different ways to sell your home:

1. Find the top real estate agent in your area

With so many different ways to sell your house but hiring a top real estate agent remains number one and traditional. Estate agents are well-intentioned. Since you would be giving up 6% of your home price to them, they certainly will have all intentions of selling your home for top dollar.

To find the top real estate agent, you would have to do some online searching. While searching you’ll also come across their reviews that will help you to develop a better understanding and in making the right decision. Moreover, going with a top real estate agent has so many benefits. One of the most prime advantages is that they already have developed relationships and a lot of contacts, therefore, there are chances that your property will be sold quickly and you will also be safe from scams.

2. Sell it Yourself

Another way to sell your home is to sell it yourself. Now, this option might seem very daunting, but this option is best for someone who has no urgency to sell the house quickly or faster. Moreover, you will have an idea about money and everything since you’ll be handling the contracts and financials. This way will allow you to take a hands-on role and negotiate on your own behalf. You will also save thousands of dollars because you will not be dealing with estate agents and their commissions.

3. Expressions of Interest (EOI)

Selling a home by Expressions of Interest (EOI) is another way to sell your home. This process is kinda long, but it is worth it. With EOI you will invite potential buyers to submit an offer to purchase your property by a certain time and date. Each buyer will put forward their best and final offer in written form.

Usually, the property will be on the market for 4-6 weeks. This will allow you to not only promote your property effectively but it will also ensure that buyers will get enough time to look through the home. This will help them to finalize their decision and determine the price they are willing to pay. Later, you can review every offer and can choose the expression that is best for you.

4. Private Treaty

The private treaty is considered to be the most balanced way to sell your home. Other methods may have unpredictable outcomes but the private treaty will give you better control over the sale. Moreover, this is a hassle-free process. In this way, you and your agent will determine the price you want for your home. The real estate agent will individually meet and conduct negotiations with every potential buyer.

5. Selling to An Investor

This way of selling your home is best for people who want to sell the property fast with little hassle and stress and are in dire need of money. When you sell the property to an investor, you do not have to pay for repairs, cleaning, and upkeep of the property. This is also a great option because it is fast and quick.

6. Reduce the price

Price is a huge motivating factor. It is a way to sell your home that, depending on the situation of the market, you can dramatically alter the price and, hence, can easily sell your home. The price will attract more prospective buyers and your process will speed up as well. Remember that people love to buy things when they have a dramatic discount on them.

7. Harness the power of the internet

The Internet has changed a lot of things in our lives. It has made the process of selling a house easy. With so many websites like Zillow, Craigslist, and Fizber, you can post about your property and can get maximum exposure. Apart from these websites, you can post information on the Facebook marketplace. There are many buy-and-sell groups on Facebook that can help you by bringing new prospective customers. Moreover, you can also run a Facebook ad campaign and target land buyers to tell them there is a property for sale in New York City, USA.

8. Instant Buyer

Instant Buyer is a new real estate transaction model where companies buy residential properties directly from private sellers, usually via cash. All you have to do is upload the relevant information about your property on an iBuyer website. The company will view the information and will approach you either instantly or within a few days. It is an easy and effective way to sell your home. It is hassle-free and pretty fast.


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