Home Repairs – 10 Signs It’s Time To Hire A Plumber

Home Repairs - 10 Signs It's Time To Hire A Plumber

Did you know that the highest-paid plumbers make around $71,140 a year? That’s a pretty decent paycheck, bet you didn’t expect that!

This means hiring a plumber might turn out to be an expensive bill. Labour fees, parts, and trip fees might be some of the costs that keep adding to the plumbing repairs you need for your home.

How do you know when to hire a plumber, though? There are some important signs that will tell you that the job requires some professional help. Keep reading to learn what they are. 

1. Clogged Drains That Don’t Seem to Budge 

Everyone gets some hair stuck in the shower drain or a clogged toilet once in a while. These issues are usually pretty simple to resolve for even the most amateur plumber. However, there are times when simply cleaning out the hair isn’t enough.

If you’ve unclogged one of your drains and continue experiencing backups, a more serious issue might be occurring. The job will probably require a trained professional to fix it. An example would be if your entire plumbing system might need declogging, a professional plumber will have the proper equipment to handle the job.

2. Low Water Pressure Is a Cause for Concern

If you turn on the tap in your kitchen or start a shower and notice that the water is coming out very slowly, this might be cause for concern. The low water pressure might mean that you have a rusty water line or some type of debris keeping the water from flowing through properly. 

You may be asking yourself, do I need a plumber to check the low water pressure in my home? Whatever the cause might be, this issue definitely needs to be analyzed by a professional plumber to get it resolved. 

3. Leaky Pipes Aren’t a Good Sign

It’s always good to check your home for leaky pipes. This will help the planet by conserving water and also save you money on your monthly water bill. 

While a leaky faucet might seem easy to repair, there are times when a trained plumber needs to assess the problem. If you have a leaking shower head and try tightening it, but the leaking persists, a plumber might have to come in to replace some faulty or broken parts. You can find a plumber with years of experience, who can fix such plumbing problems.

4. There’s a Problem When There’s No Hot Water

When should you hire a plumber? Calling a plumber is the best decision you can make when you have no hot water in your home. 

If you aren’t getting hot water in your home, the problem could be a faulty water tank. Another reason that the hot water may run out is sediment buildup. The sediment that collects in your water tank absorbs the water’s heat.

There are a number of other reasons for a sudden lack of hot water in your home that are hard to determine if you don’t have experience as a plumber, such as when repairing the hot water is needed.

5. Water Damage Requires a Professional 

If you have an evident broken pipe, it’s easier to try to contain the leak and prevent the water damage from becoming too severe. However, there are times when slow leaks happen in your home without your awareness. These leaks, which cause a lot of water damage over time, require a call to the plumber or local water damage company.

Sometimes, the source of water damage is hard to pinpoint. A trained plumber will help you find the source of damage and give you the best options for repairing it. 

6. You Need Help With a Water Heater

Are you asking yourself if you need to hire a plumber to replace a water heater? The answer should always be yes!

Water heaters are heavy and can get extremely hot. They should always be handled cautiously. This is why it’s best to leave the job to a professional. A plumber can make sure the new water heater is hooked in the right way and that it works properly. They can also get rid of the old one for you. 

7. You Need Help Installing a Water Softener or Filter

Maybe you realized that hard water was damaging your water heater or pipes, so you decided to purchase one of these top-notch water softeners. This is definitely when a plumber should be hired to help install the system. Water softener and filter systems can require complicated installations, which are often too much for the average homeowner to do themselves.

8. Remodels of Your Kitchen or Bathroom

Any remodelling of your kitchen or bathroom will surely require some plumbing work. Unless you’re an experienced plumber, you shouldn’t attempt to do this work on your own. 

A remodel might involve unexpected costs, so it’s important to do some research on plumbing rates per hour before choosing a plumber. You can make a list of plumbers to call for estimates and ask about any additional fees they charge in addition to their hourly rate.

9. A Backed Up Sewer Line 

A sewer line stoppage isn’t caused by some hair in the drain. This problem is usually connected to the main sewer. The roots from the trees in your yard can often cause these backups. 

Trying to resolve this issue on your own without extensive plumbing knowledge will most likely lead to a bigger mess. It’s best to call a trusted plumber to assess the issue and make the necessary repairs. 

10. Frozen Pipes Can Lead to Damage 

While this issue only occurs in colder temperatures, it’s still important to keep in mind. A frozen pipe can crack or burst and might turn into a plumbing emergency. 

Checking your pipes often during the winter is important. If you find a section of it that is frozen, call your plumber right away. They will usually replace that section of it to prevent any damage.

Know When to Hire a Plumber

There are many simple plumbing issues that you can fix on your own, but now you know when to hire a plumber. The list above includes some signs indicating professional help is needed.

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