Home Maintenance Checklist – 5 Things to Tackle to Keep Your House Looking New

Home Maintenance Checklist - 5 Things to Tackle to Keep Your House Looking New

One in every three kids had to do chores when they were growing up. If you can remember back that far and were part of that unlucky 33%, we’re willing to bet that you probably weren’t a fan of making your bed, doing the dishes or tackling any of that other stuff your parents forced you to do. If that was you, then some of that distaste for regular chores has followed you into adulthood and you now find yourself overwhelmed in keeping up your home. There’s no harm in hating doing housework. After all, you spend most of your time at work. The last thing that most of us want to do is get home at 7 pm and do more work at home. 

To try and make your household duties simpler, our team has put together a maintenance checklist that breaks everything down into 5 core categories to keep your home maintenance effective and productive. 

1. Deal With Those Daily Duties 

Your daily duties are those little things that you should be tending to every day to make sure that your house stays clean and livable. Here are core tasks that you should prioritize in the morning/when you get home for work. 

Maintain Your Pets 

Your pets have to eat every day, need to be taken out for a walk and have to be paid attention to. They’re your responsibility so don’t put your pet on hold because you’re having an off day. Keeping their need met on a daily basis will prevent problems like dog poop, cat litter issues and bird seed husks and feathers fluttering throughout a room.  

Wipe Down Your Countertops 

Countertops can be rife with bacteria. After cooking any meal, make sure that you’ve wiped your counters down with a disinfectant solution to prevent the transfer of food-borne illness. 

Wash Your Dishes 

We get that washing dishes is a pain. If you follow through on this maintenance checklist annoyance every day though, you’ll only have to clean 2 or 3 dishes as opposed to needing to deal with a mountain of them when your kitchen starts to smell. 

2. Manage Your Monthly Musts 

These are maintenance checklist tasks that you should be handling consistently on the first of the month. While not as time-sensitive as your daily tasks, your “monthly musts” are every bit as important so don’t put them off. 

Check Your HVAC 

If you’re lucky enough to have central heat and air, it’s important that you maintain your HVAC unit. If you don’t, it could break prematurely which will easily set you back a few thousand dollars. Furthermore, HVAC systems that don’t get their air filters checked/swapped out every so often will circulate dirty air into your home that might exacerbate health problems. 

Deep Clean Your Kitchen 

Throw some gloves on and start scrubbing! Your kitchen should sparkle when you’re through and your garbage disposal should smell less like garbage and more like citrus. 

Check Safety Devices 

Make sure that your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are working. Also, be sure to check any fire extinguishers that you have. 

3. Crush Those Quarterly Concerns 

Every three months, you’ll want to dig into the tasks below. Try to schedule these duties mid-month so you don’t end up having to do them on the same day as your recurring monthly tasks. 

Run Water in Guest Bathrooms 

Have bathrooms in your house that don’t get used? If you do, take a moment to flush their toilets, run their sinks and start up their showers. Stagnant water can breed bacteria and stagnant pipes can freeze. 

Replace Your Water Softener Tablets 

If your home water filter uses water softening tablets/salt, top your filter up. You may need to wipe down salt residue in your filter if you’re noticing severe build-up. 

Touch Up Your Yard 

Your front and backyard are what people use to infer the condition of the inside of your house. Make sure that your lawn, hedges, and flowers are in ship-shape so your neighbors don’t call in a welfare check on you. 

4. Best Your Bi-Annual Burdens 

At the start of winter and summer, you’re going to want to tackle these maintenance checklist burdens. Given how infrequent bi-annual checks are they’re easy to forget so note them in your calendar! 

Deep Clean Your House 

Don’t wait until spring to clean your house. Commit a Saturday twice a year to deep cleaning every room and make your domicile shine like those luxury homes for sale that you see in the magazines! 

Clean Out Your Fridge 

Some pretty grubby stuff can build up in a fridge over the course of 6-months. Throw expired food and wipe down your fridge’s inner surfaces. 

5. Accomplish Your Annual Assignments 

Finally, once per year, make time to check the following assignments off of your maintenance checklist! Feel free to spread these tasks throughout your calendar so you don’t have to tackle everything at once. 

Clean Your Gutters 

Leaves and grime will build up in and clog your gutters over the course of a year. Get up on your roof or hire a pro to get water flowing smoothly up there again. 

Check Trees 

If you have big trees in your yard, give them a quick look. Make sure that they seem healthy and ensure that branches are not growing out dangerously. 

Tidy Up Your Garage 

Dive into your garage and start organizing things. Donate or sell stuff that you no longer have use for. 

Clean That Chimney 

Own a chimney? Great! Throw on your favorite Mary Poppins cosplay outfit and start cleaning. 

If you don’t have the tools to properly clean our your chimney, there’s no shame in calling in a professional. 

Check Your Locks 

Make sure that all locks on your doors and windows function properly. If they don’t replace them immediately. 

We hope that our simple home maintenance checklist adds some clarity and inspires you to start getting proactive around your home. You don’t need an excuse to procrastinate for a little bit longer, time to get with the program. It will definitely improve your lifestyle and help to keep your house looking new.


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