Home Design 101 – How to Start Decorating Your New Home

Home Design 101 - How to Start Decorating Your New Home

You’ve done it. You’re finally moving into your new home, and you’re ready to start decorating, but you’re also kind of worried that it would turn out bad. After all, not everyone’s born to be a designer. Even if you have ideas on how you’d like your house to look like, the final results might be disappointing.

Rather than focusing on what could go wrong, though, it’s best to just learn from the experts in the field. Here, we’ll talk about how to start decorating your new home, with some handy tips from the pros.

Tip #1. Plan It Out

Before heading to the furniture store and buying all sorts of home decor, make sure you’ve taken the measurements of the spaces you want to furnish. If you end up buying a too-large sofa, for example, it’s going to be the focal point of a room, instead of one of the elements that make for a cohesive look.

Your other decorating options will be limited, and you’ll be stuck with that sofa until you decide to get rid of it. Always remember to measure the length and width of each room, ceiling height, possible obstructions such as stairs, radiators, etc. You’ll also want to measure window openings, especially if you plan to splurge on window treatments.ย 

Aside from taking measurements, another thing that can help is a floor plan. The good news is you don’t have to buy expensive software to create one. There are apps for that, which can help you be familiar with the spaces you’re decorating.

Tip #2. Don’t Buy Everything in One Go

There’s no rule that says decorating your home should be done in a month or two. In fact, if there’s one home advice you should keep in mind, it’s live in your new home for at least two months before buying decor, especially expensive ones.

Spending some time getting to know your home will open your eyes as to which rooms have to be prioritized. Maybe, you need to remodel the bathroom first, before buying new kitchen cabinets. Or perhaps, you have to spruce up the living room asap because you plan on entertaining guests on the regular.

By not rushing things, you also get to see how you and your family members use the spaces in your new house. For example, if you all spend a lot of time in your patio, then your starting point could be upgrading your outdoor furniture

Tip #3. Find Inspiration on How to Start Decorating Your New Home 

Yes, pros know their stuff, but do you think they can do a great job if they don’t feel inspired? 

To hone your personal style and find some creative inspiration, don’t hesitate to check out books and magazines, and of course, online sites like Pinterest. Make a collection of the styles that appeal to you, and then do a deeper study of those images. 

Remember, you don’t always have to follow the trends. In a lot of cases, keeping things simple makes rooms look and feel more elegant, but still cozy.

Need More Home Improvement Tips and Advice?

Now that you know a bit about how to start decorating your new home, don’t stop here. For more home improvement tips and advice, feel free to check out our other articles.

We also have posts on home buying, selling, maintenance, and other related topics. Keep checking back for more as we continue to update our site with great content for homeowners like you.


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