Global is the New Local for Luxury Real Estate Marketing to Affluent Buyers

Global is the New Local for Luxury Real Estate Marketing to Affluent Buyers

The long-held narrative of all real estate markets being local is in dire need of a rewrite when it comes to the world of luxury real estate marketing to affluent buyers. Local luxury real estate markets are now, more than ever, being reshaped by the influence of global property buyers.

Investors are increasingly looking at luxury real estate as an asset class in prime markets. Financial returns, preservation of capital, political concerns and currency exchange fluctuations are increasingly affecting international property markets. The empirical evidence is clear, international forces rule the top of the luxury real estate sector in top world markets, such as London, Hong Kong, New York, Los Angeles, Singapore, Sydney, Miami, San Francisco, Paris, Toronto and Vancouver.

Residential real estate around the world really is a tale of two markets in every country – luxury and everything else. For the HNWI buyer; location, not geography, matters. Luxury real estate can be an emotional asset; it can be a pure passion investment. But above all, what the super-rich and the ultra-wealthy really value is the lifestyle attributes that come with their choice of a property purchase.

Purchasers of luxury homes can now easily come from anywhere around the world because the Internet has unequivocally transformed the luxury real estate market into a global entity. On the flip side, in order to exceed the purchase constraints of a local real estate market, luxury home sellers need to reach external purchasers and international buyers that can see the intrinsic value of a premium priced luxury residence.

Some real estate portfolios of ultra-high-net-worth individuals include multiple properties around the world. The majority of these buyers aren’t under any pressure to buy. Consider them as buyers of opportunity. If they are exposed to the right property, they will make a purchase. That is the crux of the matter. Exposure to as many potential qualified buyers as possible is crucial. The goal is to get as many eyes on the property for sale as you can.

The rise of the Internet and ease of mobile online access is rapidly transforming the habits of affluent UHNW individuals. Online discovery of everything from luxury design, décor, style, architecture, destinations and lifestyle experiences are leading the charge for real life home buying decisions on a global scale.

The Internet has created more choice for today’s high net worth homebuyers. With over 90% of people starting their home search online, maximizing a home’s exposure on the Internet is the most important aspect of any sales strategy for a luxury home marketing plan. In fact, the most important factor in the successful sale of a luxury home is now heavily dependent on connecting with as many potential online viewers as possible.

The world, in this new online age, has been labeled as a global village where the power of the Internet connects us all. That being said, in our current digital life search engines such as Google can be viewed as the yellow pages or newspaper classifieds of this generation. These may seem to be old adages to some, but they are relevant. Technological innovation has rapidly changed our world. It has changed the way we connect, interact socially and the way we do business.

The titans of the luxury real estate industry are now realizing that it takes more than just great images and property videos to effectively promote luxury real estate to a sophisticated global audience of distant buyers. It takes compelling online strategies that blend world-class SEO with a distinctive online presence that combines innovative presentation with a sharp focus on promoting luxury content across multiple mediums, social channels and mobile devices. We are truly now in the age of marketing luxury property assets digitally to a worldwide audience of potential qualified buyers on the next generation of premier independent global platforms that redefine the luxury demographic of local real estate.

Global real estate marketing is set to become the primary driver and new normal sales strategy for any Real Estate Agent and Realtor elevating their personal brand authority for selling luxury properties.

The truism of any real estate market has always been that in order to sell a property, you need a find a buyer. So, in today’s digitally centric society, the new modern truism of “Global is the New Local for Luxury Real Estate Marketing” is rapidly becoming clearly defined in our connected world.

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