Front Yard Landscaping Ideas That Will Raise Your Property Value

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas That Will Raise Your Property Value

There’s a reason they say first impressions are everything. Impressions—to impress upon—suggests the impact of an experience. Even if you’ve lived in your home for years, each day you return to it prompts a new impression.

If your landscaping’s dull, neutral, or drab, it’s time to up your property value—for yourself and others. Front yard landscaping’s a sleek way to spruce up your home from the outside, in.

There’s a reason the professional landscaping market’s worth $93 billion. Once your lawn’s mowed, trimmed, and cleaned, it’s up to you to up its value.

How, you ask. Here’s how to landscape like a pro.

Front Yard Landscaping

Curb appeal’s a tell-tale sign of property value. Tending to the yard makes the home desirable and competitive.

Why Increase Property Value?

Whether you’re settled in the home or looking to sell, front yard landscaping’s important. It impacts the following things.

  • Property taxes
  • Insurance
  • Real estate market value
  • Utility
  • Supply and demand

Beyond the logistics, it’s fun to reinvent your space with front yard landscaping ideas. DIY landscaping’s never been more popular, and these trends explain why.

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas on a Budget

It’s easy to up your curb appeal with small adjustments. Consider how you’d want someone else to experience your home with these tips.

1. Have a Statement Piece

What’s the focal point of your yard? A statement piece can be a water fountain with surrounding flowers, a birdbath, or a statue.

Where you place the statement piece can dictate how you format the rest of the yard.

2. Walkway

How do people approach your house? If you have steps, consider planters and welcome mats to give direction. Paving cobblestone paths or laying down pea gravel can prompt enchantment.

3. Strategic Trees

If you’re doing small front yard landscaping, consider a simple, strategic tree. Healthy mulch and nearby flowers are sure to show that your front yard landscaping ideas have paid off!

4. Lighting

Illuminate your yard with the right lighting! Nothing prompts fear like a dim-lit house.

Do you have a lamp pole or house lights? Consider lit steps to make your guests feel safe and welcome.

5. Fencing

Though fences prompt privacy and barriers, they’re also beautiful. Simple fencing with can make it seem as though you’ve redone your whole yard.

In a way, you will have! Front yard landscaping ideas help you shift the home’s impression.

6. Cohesion

If you’re worried about front yard landscaping plans on a budget, that’s what DIY projects are all about. No matter your choices, the most important thing’s that everything works together.

The best property value boosts come from little things. Watered grass, garden beds, and smooth driveways all make for welcoming properties.

Turning Houses Into Homes

It was Napoleon Hill who said start where you stand. Smart front yard landscaping’s not about doing everything at once but tending to the basics. Assessing your home’s current state will help you know where to go from there.

If you have a professional landscaper, do the things they don’t do. Let your creative spirit wander! Front yard landscaping’s the perfect way to play, with an added bonus of upped property value.

Reimpress a sense of home into yours. You’ll feel it when you see it. For more on property value, check out our latest blog posts!


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