Is Well Water Safe for Daily Use?

Is Well Water Safe for Daily Use?

Did you know that about 42 million Americans use well water for their home? Maybe you’re thinking about becoming one of them but are a bit skeptical about the safety of well water.

“Is well water safe?” is a valid and important question to ask.

We rely on water for so much: showers, dishwashing, drinking, and brushing our teeth. So it’s only fair that we know the water we’re using is safe, especially if it’s from a well. 

If you’re ready for that question to be answered, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn everything you need to know about well water. 

Well Water Safety

It’s important to understand how a well water system works before making any big choices about using one. Having a well for your home privatizes your water. This means that in well water vs. city water debates, you own all the water in your home if it comes from your well. 

Well water comes from water that is in the ground, which is where the questions of safety come up. The main reason water can get contaminated in general is if something gets in it that is harmful. 

Well water is generally safe because most systems come with filtration methods. If well water does get contaminated, it is because there are dangerous bacteria in the ground that the filtration cannot combat. 

This is why it’s important to do your research before getting a well water system. You want to make sure the area around your home is safe for a well. 

What You Can Do

So now you know the basics about well water safety. You don’t have to ask, “Is well water safe to shower in?” or “Is well water safe to drink?” 

But one thing’s for sure: you can always do more to protect your water supply. 

One of the things that you can do is test your water frequently. There are many different water tests you can buy online or in a store. These tests will work on any kind of water, so you can use them even if you don’t have a well. 

Another important step to take is to filter your water before you use it. Even if your well water system comes with filtration, you can still use a water filter for water that you want to drink or cook with. 

There are tons of different filters that can suit different needs, like water bottles with filters in them to shower head attachments. There are also many places to get water filters and you can click to get info.

Is Well Water Safe? Now You Know

And there you have it โ€” everything you need to know to answer the question, “Is well water safe?” 

Every day we take little risks, but trusting our water doesn’t have to be one of them. So you can check that one off your list and live with a little less stress knowing your water is clean and safe. 

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