Food Processor And Other Overlooked Useful Kitchen Tools

Food Processor And Other Overlooked Useful Kitchen Tools

Kitchen tools are classic and useful – they make awesome gifts. Whether you’re shopping for someone else’s gift or splurging on yourself, take a look at these overlooked useful kitchen tools for cutting veggies, preparing your ingredients, and generally making your day-to-day kitchen life easier.

  1. Hand blender – These space-savers are perfect for kitchens that have no more storage or countertop space for a full-sized blender or stand mixer. As a handheld tool, you can just plug and play, place it into your pan or container, and mash your ingredients using the hand blender. 
  2. Knife sharpener rod – Cooking with a blunt knife is never easy (or recommended). It is one of the easiest ways to get hurt. To prevent this, you should learn how to sharpen your knives at home, so you could do it as needed.
  3. Heated ice cream scoop – Do you live in a house with people obsessed with ice cream? If your fridge always has ice cream stocked inside, you have to invest in this device. It’s handheld and slightly melts the ice cream as you scoop from the container. How awesome is that?
  4. Pizza stone and pizza cutter – Tried to make homemade pizza, but you feel like something’s missing? Make your pizzas more authentic with scrumptious crust by baking them on a pizza stone. While you’re at it, invest in a pizza cutter as well to slice pizza like a pro. You can even use this for quesadillas, tortillas, and even your regular sandwiches.
  5. Meat thermometer – If you’ve got a grill master or steak-lover in your midst, a meat thermometer takes the guesswork out of your meat-cooking. This prevents overcooking or undercooking, so you get perfectly cooked meat every time. 
  6. Garlic press – If you love cooking with garlic, but hate the smell it leaves your hand after cutting, invest in a garlic press. The cool thing about a garlic press is that you don’t even need to peel off the garlic skin before pressing – just place it in the space and squeeze the tool with one hand like you would a hand grip trainer. 
  7. Salad spinner – For some people, a salad spinner may just add to your kitchen’s storage. But for someone who prepares homemade leafy salads regularly, the salad spinner is heaven-sent as it can dry up your newly-washed lettuce and other veggies in just a couple of spins. 
  8. Spider skimmer – If you love deep-frying food, you’ll need this tool to scoop out your food and leave the oil behind. Originated in East Asian culture, this wire-mesh basket with long handles can be used for skimming foam off your broth, removing boiled food from the water, and so on. 
  9. Shrimp peeler – This tool looks like a pair of scissors, but they’re actually designed to clean and peel prawns super quickly in one motion. It’s very compact and space-saving, so you don’t have to worry about storage. It’s available in plastic and stainless steel versions. Shrimp peelers can be used for raw or cooked shrimp. 
  10. Potato/tomato/avocado masher – It can be called different names, but any tool that mashes soft ingredients like tomatoes or potatoes will be a must-have in any household with babies (who are just exploring baby food) or those who love homemade mashed potato, guacamole, and pasta sauces. 
  11. Citrus juicer – There are various kinds of juicers available in the market. Choose depending on what citrus fruit (lemons, lime, oranges, and so on) you use regularly. They work basically the same and require no batteries or power to operate – just your own strength. 
  12. Kitchen shears and herb scissors – Invest in a good pair of scissors exclusively for your kitchen. If you love cooking with fresh herbs, you have to buy a pair of herb scissors, so you no longer have to get out your chopping board and knife. Just snip, snip, snip and you’ll be able to garnish your meals to perfection. 
  13. Food processor – The food processor may be an older kitchen appliance than many on this list, but it improves your kitchen prep completely. This is especially true if you love to shred vegetables, eat salads, mash baby food, and “process” meats. 
  14. Digital kitchen scale – If you want to get healthy, a kitchen scale can help you achieve your goals. This can also be useful for your baking and other cooking techniques that require accurate measurements. 
  15. Electric kettle – No more waiting for your meals to get cooked before you can put the good old kettle on the fire. Having an electric kettle frees up your stove. This way, you can boil water in under a minute and use it for your drinks.

How many of these kitchen tools do you already have? How many do you plan to buy? Today is the perfect time to get any of the items on this list.


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