A Few Common Myths About Mattresses That You Must Discard

A Few Common Myths About Mattresses That You Must Discard

As you know that sleep is so much important for our health and well-being, and not getting a sufficient amount of sleep can cause many different health complications. Many people tend to invest in different things to get good sleep at night, such as the best bed in a box.

People also invest in buying the cooling mattress, and these days you can find such a large variety of them that often it can be quite overwhelming. Besides, there are many myths and misconceptions prevailing that could always mess up sleep.

Your mattress shopping can often become the most agonizing experience because of pushy salespeople providing an enormous amount of choices that can often confuse you to decide about what exactly will be your need. As a result, often we may end up making the wrong choice. Thankfully modern technology allows you to explore mattress choices online before going to the store, which allows you to avoid salespeople who are less than truthful

You may come with your long list of specifications, as there are so many things available about mattresses for back pain that you can read on the internet, and when you go shopping, then you will be bombarded with a host of many other new specifications.

On top of that, there are so many myths that you can hear when you talk to more people and seek their suggestions for the best mattress. Here we have listed a few myths that you must have also heard while exploring different info about the mattress.

Let us get to the details of all these myths, and try to figure out what is fact and what you must just ignore and should not worry about.

1. Bigger means better

This may not always be true while buying your mattress. Unless your height and weight are comparatively more than the average person’s, there is no need to spend your hard-earned money on a bigger mattress.

Mattresses last forever

Most people believe that buying a mattress is a once-a-lifetime affair however it is not true. However high you may have spent to get the best quality mattress available in the market, after 7 to 10 years, you will have to replace it once again.

3. Mattresses with Protector need no cleaning

This is another false assumption, but no matter whether you use any protector or not, after a few weeks, it has to be cleaned otherwise, it may create skin allergies or other health problems.

4. Firm mattresses are only the best

Let me tell you that this is completely a lie, and remember that neither firm nor a hard mattress will be the best mattress. It should be rather in between, depending on your own comfort level.

5. Testing your mattress in the showroom is good enough

By sleeping on a mattress in the showroom for a few minutes, you can never judge whether your mattress is right for you or not. Most mattress sellers will offer you to use it for a few weeks, and then if you are not satisfied, you can change it. However, you must be very clear about the return policy before accepting such an offer.

6. People selling mattresses are sleep experts

If the salesman sounds like a sleep expert, then you are sadly mistaken. These salesmen have to sell their product, and they must be talking to many people like you, and in a way, they learn a lot about different sleeping issues and try to impress upon you.

7. People with back pain must go for a firm mattress

Often people with back pain tend to believe that firm mattresses can help them to get rid of their back pain. Rather many people have complained that with a firm mattress, their pain has increased.

8. You can catch up on your sleep during the weekend

Many salesmen may try to sell their customers with this statement however it is not true at all. You must sleep for at least 8 to 10 hours every day. So, look for such a mattress, which is perfectly suitable for you.

9. Without a box spring, you cannot set up your bed

All you will need in your mattress is a very solid platform under you while sleeping, and there is no need for any extra box springs. Don’t believe that your salesman is charging extra by adding a box spring.


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