Empty Nester Home Options – Top 5 Reasons for Downsizing to a Luxury Condo

Empty Nester Home Options - Top 5 Reasons for Downsizing to a Luxury Condo

So, the kids have moved out and now you’re wondering if you should downsize.  While every situation is different, for most, the answer is yes, yes you should.  While simply selling one house and purchasing a smaller house may serve to put more money in your pocket and cut down on wasted space, there’s a better option: downsize to a luxury condo.  It’s a more logical trade really.  You’ll sacrifice some space (that you no longer need) for a staggering array of amenities and high-end accommodations.  Incredible new buildings like The ViewPointe in Oceanside, California is only steps from the beach and includes amenities that make life at home feel like a vacation.  And their private roof deck provides absolutely spectacular views of the ocean.   

Now, let’s dive a bit deeper. Here are our top five reasons empty nesters should think about downsizing to a condo.

Living in Luxury – The Amenities

To put it simply, the amenities offered in new luxury condos make life easier.  The building provides services and works for you, which frees you up to do the things you love.  And recently, condos have been trying to top one another with what they offer residents.  Catering kitchens, 24-hour concierge service and valet parking, indoor/outdoor pools, sun-bathing cabanas, libraries, fire pits, state-of-the-art fitness centers with pilates and yoga studios, saunas, spas, rooftop restaurants, about any anything else you could dream up.  And if something goes wrong inside your home, you don’t have to take care of it.  It’s not your job anymore.  Trade the stress of home ownership for the relaxation of condo ownership.  

Extra $$ in Your Pocket – The Savings

Let’s face it, for most of us these decisions come down to money.  And the truth is, in most scenarios, downsizing to a condo will save you money.   Even if the building is one of the most elegant, skyscrapers in the area, in many cases you’ll still come out ahead.  It’s nice to have a cushion, and not have to worry.  If you decide you want to go out and have a nice dinner or go on a weekend trip, you can do it! Don’t we all want that?  And more bluntly, it just doesn’t make sense to pay for space you aren’t using.   Do yourself and your wallet a favor and look into what it would cost to downsize to a condo.  

Looking Good – The Design

Some of the best architects in the world have been drawn to condo design recently.  As a result, many of these buildings, and the residences within them are stunning works of art.  Floor-to-ceiling windows, frame bright and contemporary homes constructed from some of the finest materials on the planet and featuring top of the line appliances.  To do this type of work on a house would cost a serious amount of money and take a serious amount of time.  The ViewPointe condos we mentioned earlier are a perfect example; they feature Frigidaire stainless steel appliances, dual-pane windows, Lennox gas fireplaces and beautiful, stone countertops.  And as soon as you move in, everything is done.  Renovation will be the furthest thing from your head; you’ll forget the meaning of the word.  

Refresh – A Change of Locale

When your kids leave home, your life shifts rather suddenly.  It can be a lot to take in at first, but once the initial shock fades, it’s time for action.  It’s a new chapter and thus, the perfect time for a big change.  Maybe there’s a city or area you’ve always wanted to live in but never did.  Do some research and see what condos are going for there.  You may find that you’ll be able to complete a move to a dream locale and safe money in the process.  It’s a way to embrace the change and have a new experience.  Break up the monotony and try something new!

Less Stress – Let Someone Else Do The Work

When you live in a condo, any issues that you have, any repairs that need to be made are taken care of.  You don’t have to worry about them anymore.  Anyone who has owned a home knows that it can be incredibly stressful.  Something seems to break every few months.  Once that happens, you have to see if it’s something you can do yourself, or if you have to call a professional.  It’s never fun.  Life in a condo is simpler and less and more carefree. If anything goes wrong, it is the condos responsibility to fix it.  This leaves more time for you to kick back and relax.


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