4 Essential Tips For Buying Covers For Your Patio Chairs

4 Essential Tips For Buying Covers For Your Patio Chairs

It does not matter whether you are looking for new patio furniture or you already have a set of existing furniture, one accessory that you must get is a proper patio cover. Patio furniture covers help you to protect your patio furniture from outdoor weather elements when not in use. In this article, we will discuss some essential tips for covering your patio chairs.

Have a Proper Idea About the Dimensions of Your Patio Chair

Most retail and online stores claim to sell patio covers that are suitable for all types of furniture. You might think that it is good to have a cover that will fit on all types of furniture, but to provide the best protection to your patio chairs; you need to buy the covers that are specially made for them, based on their dimensions. For best results, try to buy patio chair covers from the furniture manufacturer itself. In case, the manufacturer doesnโ€™t offer covers, then you have to take proper measurements of your patio chairs and buy the covers from dealers having a good reputation in the same.

Get Waterproof Cover

Many patio covers claim to be waterproof but all such claims do not always stand to be true. Though some patio covers claim to be waterproof, in reality, they fail to protect the furniture miserably even from drizzles. During heavy rain, your patio chairs soak water causing them to rot, so you must choose a cover that can handle heavy rainfall. The best material that you can use for your patio furniture covers is vinyl. Though polyester covers are also available, they are not as effective as vinyl. Polyester covers become hard with time finally, ending up cracking allowing water to pass through. As mentioned by FINDANYANSWER, vinyl is the most suitable material for outdoor use as it is completely waterproof and can handle extreme weather conditions without cracking or fading.

Look For Breathable Covers

While buying covers for your patio chairs, make sure that you are getting breathable material. Most breathable covers available in the market are not much effective against rain as they have a lot of space for water to pass through. So, it is better to look for covers that have built-in vents. These covers have smaller breathable areas than usual, allowing only air to circulate, helping in maintaining the humidity inside the cover, and preventing mold and mildew growth.

Get Covers with Tie Downs

Normal patio covers will protect your chairs from rain, snow, and heat but what about strong winds? Normal covers tend to get blown away during strong winds, so get covers, having tie-downs as it will help to keep the cover in place even in windy conditions.


These are the 4 essential tips, which you must follow while buying covers for your patio chairs. With proper care and protection, a patio can become the best place where you can spend quality time with your friends and family.


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