Elegant and Passionate Florentine Furniture – Il Pezzo Mancante 10 Collection

Elegant and Passionate Florentine Furniture - Il Pezzo Mancante 10 Collection

Il Pezzo 10 stands rigid, strong and impenetrable. Like a medieval Florentine palace, it seems to be suspended and floating over an imaginary Arno river. Il Pezzo 10 shows off its embossed wood giving it a medieval taste. The wood shows infinite shades and colors, it invites us to stroke these rounded surfaces, finely smoothened and ripe with the smell of essential oils, giving a real celebration of senses.

Encased in the structure, delicate drapes for the cast brass handles and, to hold all of this up, a multitude of brass casting sparkling legs. The whole piece is realized with solid walnut, the treatment on the wood is done with natural oil that protects the wood but at the same time allows it to breathe, leaving the extraordinary feel of this beautiful, natural material unchanged to the touch.

Furthermore, the final coat on the top is done with Nanotechnology, an organic silica-based natural treatment which makes the wood water repellent. Inserted in every piece, a small brass cylinder containing the serial number, seals the authenticity and uniqueness of every item produced guaranteeing its exclusivity.

Il Pezzo Mancante is an atelier that designs and creates unique luxury pieces, a world of memory, material, touch, illuminating the senses. Thoughtful elegance and passion; a place where you can watch, think, do and look for something missing: Il Pezzo Mancante (“The Missing Piece” in English).

  • Name: Il Pezzo 10
  • Brand: Il Pezzo Mancante
  • Product: Furniture
  • Designer: Barbara Bertocci – Cosimo Terzani
  • Country: Italy


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