Easy Things You Can Do To Make Your Luxury Home More Appealing To Buyers

Easy Things You Can Do To Make Your Luxury Home More Appealing To Buyers

In staging a house, 83% of buyers’ agents believe it helps make it easier for potential buyers to view themselves living there, with half saying it can boost the value of offers by 1-20%. Staging a luxury home to show off everything it offers will certainly go a long way, but ensuring it’s thoroughly cleaned, organized, and well-maintained will draw in potential buyers, too. It’s also important to highlight the luxurious features your home has to offer, in order to really make it stand out.

Prioritize the first room a buyer will see

Real estate expert Barbara Corcoran says that buyers judge your property within 30 seconds of being in it, so first impressions really do count. In most cases, this means that the hallway should get lots of attention. Show that it has storage space, such as somewhere to hang up your coat and put on your shoes, but make sure it doesn’t feel cluttered. Light, neutral-colored walls and a big, decorative mirror are always a good idea to make it feel light, airy, and welcoming. It’s also important to consider the walk and drive up to your front door. Having weed-free, clean paths, a mowed lawn, and some well-maintained flowers and shrubs go a long way in helping a potential buyer make their decision.

Clean, organized, and well-maintained

Take a walk around your home, and be hyper-critical when it comes to cleanliness and tidiness because any serious potential buyer will be doing the same. A clean home suggests to buyers that you’ve cared for the property and will look much more appealing to them. Start by cleaning your flooring, as this is a big part of your home, and not many buyers will want to have to commit to unnecessarily replacing floors, especially in a large, luxury home. Experts note the advantages of mops that combine steam cleaning with a traditional mop, which make thoroughly cleaning different flooring easier while adding inviting fragrances. When it comes to storage space, make sure everything is organized, and there’s space for more items, even if it means taking some stuff out and temporarily storing it elsewhere until you move.

Prioritize the luxury feel

When potential buyers view a luxury home, they expect to see plenty of luxurious details to make it worth their money. If you’ve got a pool and hot tub, make sure they’re clean, working well, and can be shown off. Outdoor areas with lots of seating are top of the list for luxury home buyers, but find the balance between privacy and showing off any views that your property has to offer. This can be as easy as cutting back some trees or rearranging a room to have a large window with a view as the focal point. Make sure every room has a purpose to show buyers everything your home has to offer, from a home cinema and gym to a games room and study.

There are basics that need to be considered when selling any home, but staging your luxury home to show off everything it has to offer and what makes it different from other homes will help draw in buyers.


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