Do You Want to Know the Cost of Window Tinting? 

Do You Want to Know the Cost of Window Tinting?

You can decide to tint the windows in your house to improve their energy efficiency, protect furniture from early fading, and save your health from the harmful side effects of sun rays. Or, it has to do with your need for privacy, especially if you live in a busy neighborhood. No matter the reason, this home improvement service offers multiple benefits, even when you have a specific goal. Like any other good thing, this will also have a cost. Before you talk to a window film service provider, it’s better to know why this will demand a certain amount. When you approach someone with a basic understanding, it helps you identify whether they quoted a reasonable price. At the same time, you can confidently ask them what makes their product/ service expensive. 

If you live in Manassas, Virginia, someone like Atlantic Sun Control and Window Tinting of Sterling can be a good bet. Still, let’s dig into the cost factor.

Window film size

Window film can cost anywhere from USD $2-100 per sqft, along with labor charges varying from USD $5-10 per sqft. If you have a 2-by3-foot window, you can expect tinting to be done for around USD $45-660. As expected, the range will be higher for a bigger size window. For example, a three-by-six-foot size can involve a budget of USD $130-1980, and 4 by 6 feet can be done for around USD $170-2,640.

Type of window tints

You can either install a low-E glass or smart glass window or film. The most convenient option is window film, which costs around USD $2-14 per sqft. You can avoid labor costs by taking a DIY approach. But be wary of problems like bubbles and peels. This solution is often considered for its affordability. It will be a short-term thing, though. However, you can pick anything based on your needs, such as privacy, sun protection, security, etc. Smart tinting options are easy but expensive. Smart glass prices can start anywhere from USD $50-100 per sqft. If you opt for this film, it can range from USD $30 to 45. How is it different? Smart glass lets you control the tint level from a phone app. 

The other option, low-E glass windows, is better to consider if tinting can cost your window’s warranty. Or, you can get rid of damaged or drafty windows to install these modern solutions. One window can cost around USD $650 on average. While initial expense can be higher for more windows, you can recover it over time. If you are moving to a new home, install these windows from the beginning.

Window tinting is helpful. But the cost can be your primary concern. Before postponing this home improvement effort, check companies specializing in this area and get quotes from them. If you find the cost a little out of your comfort zone, you can choose the main windows first for tinting. For example, front-side windows will be best to start with when you want tinting for privacy reasons. If sunrays are the problem, you can focus on those that allow the flood of light inside. Also, pick a suitable film or tint that fits into your budget.

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