Do Properties With Fences Look More Luxurious

Do Properties With Fences Look More Luxurious

As far as aesthetics is concerned, there are indeed instances when a fence does make a home appear more luxurious. It should be noted, though, that this is highly dependent on the fencing material and design choice. The expertise of a fencing company can likewise use even relatively cheap fencing materials to add to the curb appeal of a home. For instance, a Worcester fence company can repurpose salvaged wood pallets into a stylish and chic privacy enclosure. A cheap plastic picket fence may also be enough to accentuate and even liven up a traditional American mid-century home.

Luxury, however, is not always a matter of price and looks. Some homeowners, for example, regard their chain link fence as a luxury because it gives their children a safe play area in the backyard. Those who are looking to buy a home may appreciate the value of a home better because a chain link fence defines the border of the property.

What are the other ways that fences make homes look more luxurious?

Fences Make You Feel More Secure

One of the main reasons why homeowners have fences installed is that it gives their home a layer of security. From chain link, vinyl, wood to wrought iron material, fences act as barriers that effectively make anyone think twice about approaching a home uninvited. Chain link fences may look flimsy, but add a yappy dog or two behind it and it sends a clear message telling strangers to stay back. Even shrubbery and hedges have the same deterrent effect on some individuals. These days, security is definitely a luxury that comes with a fence.

Fences Give You More Privacy

Tall privacy fences, which are usually of wood or wood analog, can give you far better privacy than drawn blackout curtains. With privacy fences, you can have the luxury of relaxing on your backyard patio on a lazy afternoon without anyone spying on you. Depending on the creativity of your fence installer, you can also improve the design of the inner wall of your privacy fence to make your backyard or garden appear more luxurious. Moreover, the privacy fence can also shield you from unpleasant views in your neighborhood such as a zombie home or a messy scrap hoard in your neighbor’s yard.

Fences Provide Additional Shelter

Privacy fences can also act as a barrier that can shield your home from the elements, particularly the wind. This can be a particular luxury in areas when it can get windy at certain times of the year. Imagine still being able to relax in your back garden even on windy days.

Fences Keep Animals Out

Earlier, it was mentioned earlier that fences help keep pets from straying. In the same vein, the fences can also keep animals out of your backyard and garden. Dogs, especially the more aggressive ones, may wander to your backyard and attack your small pets, or worse, even your children. In areas where the local wildlife can wander into residential neighborhoods, the fences work well in keeping alligators, deer, moose and bears out.


In addition to the reasons cited above, real estate agents agree that fences can add to the desirability of a home, thus increasing its market value. It is without question that for the reasons cited above, plus the other reasons homeowners may have in installing a fence, most will agree that having a fence is both a luxury and a necessity.


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