Tips To Spruce Up Your Interior Design In 2021

Tips To Spruce Up Your Interior Design In 2021

Your home is your sanctuary, and given the amount of time we’ve had to spend at home in the past 12 months, it’s time you turn your attention to its design – if you haven’t already. You might simply feel 2021 is a great time to reinvent your indoor space. Or maybe you’ve got some extra money lying around that you’re not sure what to do with since you had to cancel your overseas holiday this year. Good news – you could put it to good use in the home. 

There are plenty of ways you can keep up with the 2021 interior decorating trends and spice up your home’s interior this year. Here are some of the best top interior decorating tips for 2021. 

Adapting to the ‘new normal’ 

In keeping with the idea that staying in is the new going out, why not create a new entertainment space in your home? You’re likely to be enjoying movies from the comfort of your own home rather than in a theatre – companies like Netflix made this possible before the pandemic, they’re probably now an essential service themselves. Add a large television, or perhaps a projector system? Compliment your movie-theatre-sized TV with comfortable lounging chairs complete with cupholders to truly bring the movies to your home. 

Go minimal 

Small furnishings are an ongoing trend in 2021, as smaller homes are becoming more and more common. People are beginning to realise that big isn’t always better, and big is often far more expensive. Because of this, people are slowly transitioning to a minimalist style of living. Some are simply choosing minimalist furnishings for their homes, others are going the whole hog and building tiny homes to utilise as office spaces, or actually living in them full-time. 

Plants in the home 

One of the biggest trends in 2021 is the introduction of far more greenery than in previous years. Our homes in 2021 have become a veritable garden, an arboretum in and of themselves. Plants of all sorts are arriving in our homes, and they’re there to stay. Often, they’re the centrepiece of our living rooms, as they are natural deoxidisers and are touted to improve indoor air quality. Choose plants that are great all year round, and that you don’t have to spend too much time taking care of. 

Modular furniture 

Buying furniture can be expensive. If you want a great solution when your home furnishings need replacing, modular furniture is a fantastic option. It serves many purposes and can be used sporadically around the home – yet you only pay one price. Trundle sofas that turn into extra storage space will help you clean up any clutter, while those that become a double bed are a great option for the living area if you have guests over often. Also, Murphy beds have shelves built into them which makes them handy for kid’s bedrooms. Whatever your furniture replacement needs, it’s better to have furniture that serves two purposes than just one. 

Make sure you’re comfortable 

When you’re considering a home makeover, you want to maximise your comfort level. This means buying a new couch that’s a bit on the pricey side, but incredibly comfortable. If you have a home office, it means spending the money on an ergonomic office chair. You want to make sure you and the family are going to be comfortable wherever you’ll be spending most of your time. 

Incorporate new technology into the home 

Smart technology is only getting more and more popular as time goes on. Our homes aren’t just filled with Alexa anymore, telling us what the weather is outside, or playing our favourite music. Now, showers, mirrors, light bulbs, and so much more can be installed to make our lives a little techier. 

Some might say that all of the technology in our homes is making us reliant on machines for too much – others might say that the convenience factor of being able to get a weather report on-demand is easier for them. Wherever you stand in that debate, smart technology in the home continues to grow in popularity. 

Whatever your plans are for your space this year, make sure you’re making your interior decorating decisions wisely and consult with an interior designer if necessary.


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