Do I Need a Mortgage Broker? Advantages of Hiring a Mortgage Broker

Do I Need a Mortgage Broker? Advantages of Hiring a Mortgage Broker

Is using a mortgage broker instead of a direct lender the right option? Can I pay the commission of the broker along with the repayment of the loan?

These are some questions you are probably thinking about because getting a mortgage is not a small investment. But trust us, hiring brokers is the best choice.

Brokers are professionals and have experienced, so they save you from unsuitable mortgages and search for the deal that best suits your requirement.

But to gain a profitable loan, it is necessary to select your broker wisely. Otherwise, the profit may change into a loss.

These guidelines will help you decide whether it is right to hire a mortgage broker or whether you need a direct lender. 

Who are mortgage brokers?

Mortgage brokers are intermediaries between you and the lender that help you to find a mortgage lender. Looking at the financial situation of the mortgage borrower, the broker locates the best-suited deal for you.

By doing this, the broker gets a commission from both parties at the closing of the deal. Sometimes the lender has an in-house broker. In such cases, the broker charges the commission only on the borrower while receiving compensation from the lender. 

Roles of mortgage brokers

  • The mortgage broker handles all the processes involved in securing a loan.
  • Communicate with different lenders and find the best deal for you.
  • They perform all the paperwork, collect credit reports, employment details, evaluate financial status through bank statements and compile tax information.
  • Complete the application process without your physical involvement and sort out issues if they arose.
  • After choosing the ideal lender for a mortgage, the broker submits the request for loan approval. They take their commission after the completion of the loan transaction.

Pros of hiring a mortgage broker

  • Mortgage brokers know the whole market and are aware of the current products and deals.
  • Mortgage advisers guide you throughout the process till the closing transaction.
  • Brokers make your mortgage less stressful by performing all the legal formalities on their own.
  • They get those lenders that you do not even know about to fit your needs best.
  • As the brokers are experienced, they speak to the lenders to make the deal at a low-interest rate.

Cons of a mortgage broker

Some lenders make the same deals for direct borrowers as they make for brokers. In such cases, if you hire a broker for a mortgage, you have to pay the commission of them that is around 1-2% of the total loan.

Some brokers work for specific lenders, so they did not give you a variety of offers. So it is good to do cursory research of the market or use a mortgage calculator to check if the broker is giving you the profitable deal.

Commission of mortgage broker

A mortgage broker can get the commission from the lender, the borrower, or both. But taking a commission from both lender and borrower is unlawful.

A few years back dodd frank act was passed, according to which taking fees from lenders by a mortgage broker is prohibited.

The average commission range of mortgage brokers is 1-2% (paid by borrower). As per condition, the lenders pay 0.5-2.5%of the total loan amount to the mortgage broker. The pay (commission) of a broker depends on the home price or competitors or mortgagors. 

Is mortgage brokers the right option for me?

First mortgage

If this is your first mortgage or you have never tried to get a home loan, then the mortgage broker is the right choice for you. Some California mortgage brokers also give consultation if you are experiencing home borrowing for the first time.

Save time

The people who remain busy in their routine work and have no time to look at the mortgage market, hiring a mortgage advisor is the right choice. They get the best deal with low fees and affordable interest rates; they also manage the hassle of the approval processes.

Bridging loan

You can hire a mortgage broker if you need a short-term bridge loan.


You can go for a direct lender if you are remortgaging because this saves you a few dollars (brokers commission). Direct lenders are also a good option for those who know the market well and have a sense of fluctuating interest rates.

Tips for hiring a mortgage broker

In order to hire the best broker, you have to spend some time collecting their experience with the previous clients.

It is not easy to buy your own home in California, but this can be made easy by the California mortgage broker. They help you in buying your dream home for the first time.

Here are a few things you should consider to hire a mortgage broker.

Ask your real estate agent who is the most trustworthy broker? How many successful deals have they made?

If the mortgage broker is introducing different lenders to you, then such brokers will be the satisfactory choice. The mortgage broker who works in the whole-of-market tries to make borrower-friendly deals. On the other hand, the broker that works for a single lender does not give you multiple options.

To investigate the mortgage broker with the right credential, check their review online on social platforms or their website. Ask friends and family about the experience with their broker.

Don’t forget to check the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System and Registry NMLS license of the broker to show his legal credibility.


Brokers are the middleman between the lender and borrower who save you from tiring, stressful work and your time.

Hiring a mortgage broker is the right decision for the first mortgage or remortgage because you will make a large financial investment.

These experienced brokers know the best deals and suggest such lenders that only work through mortgage brokers.

They only charge 1-2% on the mortgage borrower and 0.5 to 2.5% on the lenders from the total loan money. The mortgage brokers complete all the processes from the application till the approval of the loan.


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