Choosing A Roofer – Things To Look Out For

Choosing A Roofer - Things To Look Out For

There are certain things in life that you have to do right the first time. Roof replacement is one of them. Having a new roof installed is a massive investment. Many people go for it only once in their entire lifetime. Thus, it is essential to choose an experienced and capable roof installer to get the job done.

The biggest problems associated with roof replacement are the exorbitant costs and the uncertainty of hiring a skilled roofer. People residing in the Alpharetta region of Atlanta, Georgia, do not usually fall prey to the latter problem. That is because the city has an abundance of skilled roofers that can provide you with top-notch services. 

For them, it is just a matter of choosing the right roofer based on their independent needs. This article focuses on the qualifications of a quality roofing contractor and the methods you can adopt in selecting the right roofer for your next project.

How to Determine if the Roofer is Qualified?

Replacing a roof is a highly challenging task. If the job is not done correctly, there remains a risk of the roof collapsing or parts coming off down the road – leading to severe risk to human lives. It is the roof that safeguards you from the elements and shelters you. Thus, it is essential to hire a roofer that has passed all the tests put in front.

Although there is no need for roofers to have an academic education, they do need to have an extensive amount of hands-on experience. Particular states like Georgia have region-specific laws regarding roof installations. In Alpharetta, a roofing contractor can not attempt a roofing job without a license if the total cost surpasses the 2,500 dollar mark.

A roofer having a professional license indicates the fact that they already have prior experience on the job. Before going ahead with the confirmation, verifying the license is mandatory. On top of that, do not forget to ensure if the roofer has any recurring liability insurance and if you will be getting a written estimate with an ample amount of references. Generally, Alpharetta roofers are adept under challenging circumstances due to the varying climate of the city. People residing in Georgia can take professional services from surrounding areas like Oakwood, Buford, Gainesville, and Alpharetta. Make sure the contractor you hire is legit and has all the necessary documents for proof.

How to Choose the Best Roofer for Your Project?

As mentioned above, the task of replacing an entire roof is not very straightforward. Specific, hands-on expertise is a must! However, most people opting for a roof replacement are in the market for the first time. The following sections are intended to give them a firm idea of what to look for when hiring a roofing contractor.

Hire a Local Contractor

A roof installation is a very expensive job in itself. Imagine the extra expenses you will incur if you decide on hiring professionals from distant locations. If you are an Alpharetta resident, we suggest you go for an Alpharetta contractor. These professionals will have all the right information regarding such work in your area, something outsiders might not be fully accustomed to.

There may come a time when your dedicated roofer goes out of business and closes shop. It can be tragic if that happens with your roof’s warranty still valid. This can be avoided if the company is local, as you can then keep your eyes on them and act fast when you see anything fishy.

Get the Roofer’s Promised Scope-of-Work in Writing

Beware of fake promises from roofers trying to sell you their work. They can make a bunch of promises regarding roof structure and functionalities but may not deliver accordingly. Both parties need control in equal measures. 

If the roofing contractors are showering you with numerous benefits of working with them, ask for the details in writing. Once that is done, it becomes mandatory for the roofers to deliver according to their promises.

You need a significant amount of bargaining power, as well as comprehensive knowledge about roofs before you can efficiently strike a deal. We recommend taking the help of people (friends, family, neighbors, etc.) with prior knowledge about roofing under such circumstances.

Value Quality Over Expenses

A wise man once said, “You get what you pay for.” The condition of the roofing industry can easily be summarized by that statement. If you go out looking, chances are, you will get an astonishingly cheap bid for a roof installation on your property. However, there is a big possibility that the work will be done by an independent contractor. Although there is nothing wrong with it, solo roofers are not as efficient as full-fledged roofing organizations.

Cheap work might look alright during the initial stages after completion. However, the roof will soon start to show its true condition after a while. This generally leads to expenses that you had never planned for – at least not so soon after having the roof installed. The overall cost of the work can thus exceed what you would have had to pay if you had hired a high-quality roofer in the first place.

Avoid Going Into A Cash Deal

Opting for a cash deal completely contradicts our stance on having everything in writing and documented. Many potential roofing contractors might be hell-bent on completing the deal on cash. You can certainly go for it, but there are certain risks associated with this. 

If you need to pre-pay a certain amount, providing cash would mean there is no verification of that deal. The roofer might simply deny the existence of the deal altogether. Thus, it is essential to avoid cash deals. Nothing beats documentation and hard facts mentioned on paper.

Final Thoughts

There may come a time when you might feel the need to go for a roof repair, if not a complete replacement. Situations like these call for immediate action as the roof is crucial to keep the interior intact. We believe, by now, you are aware of the importance of hiring the right roofing contractor. In simple terms, it is the roofer who can make or break your project. Be prepared before you go for the shake of hands. If you are an Alpharetta resident, you will find excellent local roofers for your job!


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