Caring for Your Investments – The Apartment Maintenance Checklist That All Property Owners Need

Caring for Your Investments - The Apartment Maintenance Checklist That All Property Owners Need

Did you know that you can charge higher rates for rent when you keep up with the maintenance of your rental properties? Charging higher rates is just one of many benefits you can reap by focusing on good maintenance, but there are others, too.

If you own an apartment complex, keeping up with the maintenance is one of many tasks you must complete. If you’re not sure what you must do to keep up with these things, here is a checklist to follow. 

Following an apartment maintenance checklist is the best way to know what tasks to do. It’s also a great way to keep up with every task your building needs. Here are some of the top things you should have on your checklist.

Apartment Maintenance Tasks for the Systems

One vital task to include in your annual apartment maintenance checklist is system maintenance. You may want to write a list of all the systems in your apartment complex and focus on the annual maintenance of each of these. 

Your list might include the following things:

  • HVAC system cleanings and maintenance
  • Drainpipe cleaning services
  • Plumbing water leak tests
  • Appliance checkups
  • Electrical panel tests and maintenance

Checking these things once a year is usually sufficient. Throughout the year, you might have to complete repairs on these systems, though, if needed. If you properly maintain them, you can reduce the repairs needed throughout the year.

Exterior Maintenance Activities

You’ll also need to include exterior maintenance activities on your checklist. You may need to complete weekly maintenance tasks, such as mowing and removing snow. 

You might also need annual exterior maintenance activities. Here are several to include on your annual checklist:

  • Pressure washing for the building’s exterior
  • Window washing
  • Gutter cleaning 
  • Caulking and testing the windows

Keeping up with the exterior tasks provides several benefits. First, it helps your building look nicer and well-maintained. Secondly, it helps you attract better tenants. Finally, it helps you protect your building’s value. 

Pest Control Services 

Depending on the level of need, you may want to add pest control services to your checklist for monthly or bi-monthly services. Preventing pests in your building is more affordable and easier than trying to eliminate pests after an infestation. 

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Maintenance

Finally, you may want to include some tasks on your apartment maintenance safety checklist. A safety maintenance checklist helps your tenants stay safer and protects you from lawsuits. 

One task you should handle once or twice a year is smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector maintenance. You can check each detector to ensure that it works, and you can replace the batteries in the devices twice a year. 

Handling safety tasks helps in many ways, and you can add other tasks to this list. For example, you may want to test all handrails annually and replace or repair them as needed. 

Keep a Running Apartment Maintenance Checklist

You may want to break down your apartment maintenance checklist into weekly, monthly, and yearly tasks. Keeping a running list is a great way to remember to do every task.

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