Boosting Your Marketing Strategy: Enhancing Lead Management With Call Tracking

Boosting Your Marketing Strategy: Enhancing Lead Management With Call Tracking

Many entrepreneurs are exploring lead management software reviews as businesses strive to grow and achieve maximum sales and target audience engagement. 

However, according to numerous sources, only 20% of new leads go through the entire sales funnel. Why do we have such a disheartening statistic? The reason is that managing potential customers has become more challenging due to the multitude of communication channels. 

Experienced marketers know that identifying key advertising platforms is crucial for successful promotion. This is where call tracking software comes to the rescue, allowing you to identify the sources that bring you the most customers.

In this article, we’ll explore how call-tracking services can improve your marketing strategy. You’ll also learn why you should use this technology with lead management systems.

Call Tracking Is a Reliable Tool for Improving Your Marketing Strategy

What is call tracking? Its main task is to give you an understanding of where your customers learn about you. The principle of the tool is straightforward: each advertising platform is assigned a unique number, then the program collects all the attributes of incoming calls and gives you reports.

The primary metrics recorded by the software include:

  • Call source
  • Conversation content with the operator
  • Subscriber demographics
  • Date, time, and duration of the call
  • Reason for contact and call completion
  • Level of customer satisfaction with the request

The call-tracking advantages for improving your promotional strategy are as follows:

  • Identifying successful marketing campaigns. You get accurate information about how many customers called you from each source. Analyzing their inquiries will help you identify the best advertising tactics.
  • Increasing return on investment (ROI). By relying on data regarding the number of generated leads, you can determine which marketing channel is the most effective. Consequently, you can increase your ROI by investing only in effective advertising platforms. 
  • Enhancing user experience. Call tracking services collect customer data, and when integrated with CRM systems, you get a complete profile of your buyers. This enables you to provide more personalized offers that lead to conversions.

Call tracking data provides a lot of information about service levels, customer interests, popular products/services, and more. You can use it to refine and personalize your marketing strategies.

Why Is Tracking Incoming Calls Important for Increasing Sales?

A key priority for marketers in 2023 is personalizing the customer experience. According to data compiled by MarketingCharts, B2B and B2C service personalization programs have exceeded business expectations for revenue by 68% and increased conversions by 67%.

As you can see in the infographic, consumers expect personalization at every stage of their interactions with the company. That’s why sales and marketers face the challenge of personalizing the customer experience to increase customer engagement. Lead management sales software and a call tracking tool can help make the task easier.

These systems are easy to integrate, and their functionality allows you to collect all the necessary analytics. When a customer calls your company, a tracker is activated that records the parameters of the incoming call, and the conversation is recorded. When dialing repeatedly, the operator will see when, how many times, and with what problems the subscriber contacted before. This promotes a personal approach to serving each client.

Lead management software also provides detailed data on callers, allowing you to segment potential customers by category. This way, you can determine who is ready to buy, who to offer additional products to, and who is no longer interested in the transaction. Based on this information, you can generate customized offers that are more likely to lead to conversions.

How to Build an Effective Lead Management Process?

The question concerning new entrepreneurs and experienced business people is: How can we gather more leads? Let’s consider key tips that will help you establish a process for attracting potential customers and converting them into loyal buyers:

Develop a lead management strategy

For instance, you can utilize direct response marketing, where native advertisements are placed on popular platforms, or offer lead magnets. By placing a brief form for users to fill out, you can obtain contacts of interested individuals. Additionally, linking a phone number with your ads, through which consumers can learn more, also aids in gathering customer data.

Focus on proven marketing strategy examples and experiment with different approaches to promotion to create your own unique development plan.

Segment customers

Automate the process of gathering consumer information using call tracking software, sales management tools, CRM, etc. Then, analyze the collected data to segment your customers and give them a better purchasing experience. When segmenting customers, you can utilize four categories: demographics, geography, psychographics, and behavior.

Create a strategy for leads who refused to buy

The reasons for rejection can vary, so it’s important to understand and address them to avoid losing leads. Establish an interaction algorithm for each category of potential buyers. It would be beneficial to offer the customer a chance to personally engage with a sales representative or remind them of your business later on. For instance, setting up retargeting campaigns can be effective in the context of a digital marketing strategy.

Distribute leads using an automated system

Manual distribution can lead to mistakes caused by the human factor. Lead management systems avoid this and significantly speed up the sales lead management process. Automatic service also processes key information, based on which the customer will be redirected to the right sales representative.

Final Tips: How to Choose Call Tracking Software

If you’re wondering how to select the best call-tracking service, consider these criteria:

  • Functionality: Take a close look at the features offered by the software provider. Consider how well these features align with your business needs.
  • Cost: Base your decision on the required essential features, aiming to find a cheap call-tracking solution that doesn’t charge you for unnecessary functionalities. Additionally, many companies offer free demo versions.
  • Technical Support: Ask about the service and support the chosen provider offers. The call tracking service must be integrated with other systems. You may need professional help to install and train your staff to use the new tool.

We recommend comparing several offers and carefully studying reviews and ratings to find the best call-tracking company. You can visit websites and ask about experiences on forums or marketing groups.

You save time on data processing with call tracking and sales management systems. Thus, your employees will receive customer information promptly before they pick up the phone. They can also focus on providing quality service to callers while the automated software takes care of routine tasks.


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