Boost Property Value with Professional Cleaning

Boost Property Value with Professional Cleaning

Your real estate business rises and falls on property values. Some of those values are determined by factors over which you have no control. Others are completely within your control, and that is where you want your focus to be. What kinds of things can you change that will positively affect your property values?

One of those is the cleanliness of the property. Whether you are renting out a property as a landlord or trying to sell a property to a potential homeowner or business owner, the cleanliness of the property is something you should focus on.

Minimize Safety Concerns

Anyone looking to purchase a property or rent from you will be concerned about the safety of the place. They will be paying attention to any safety hazards they spot, and those can make them lose interest in the property.

Professional cleaning will help keep the property looking tidy and help to give the impression of safety and cleanliness. Cleaning not only gets rid of tripping and slipping hazards, but it also eliminates many bacterial particles and other contaminants. With a clean property, there will be less risk of an allergic reaction, sickness, or some other problem caused by contamination. A professional Chicago home cleaning can have a big impact on property safety and make potential buyers feel more at ease and more likely to buy.

Make a Great Impression

The first time someone comes to view your property is incredibly vital to your business. You want to make a good impression with them, and a smart business person will pull out all the stops. If you know a buyer will be coming to view the place shortly, you might have some landscaping done, and you might do a run-through of the property to ensure everything is in order. Consider having the place professionally cleaned as well, especially if you are renting a property that had previous residents.

A thorough cleaning can get rid of anything that might look untidy and unwelcoming to potential buyers. You will eliminate many possible issues and make the property much more attractive by having it cleaned regularly. There is wisdom in hiring a professional cleaning service to come at scheduled times each week or each month to clean your properties so that they stay looking spotless. That extra expense could easily pay off by landing you a buyer or a regular renter.  

Consider this: if a potential renter is looking at two similar properties and yours is the cleaner one, which one are they likely to choose?

Sell Faster

If you are looking to move a property quickly, then you need to do everything in your power to make it appealing to buyers. What might be missing that could be done to boost your property? Professional cleaning is something very simple and quick that you can do to add instant appeal. Take the property from looking dull and unused to lifeless and welcoming in a single day.

Prospective buyers may not realize that they are attracted to places that look ready to move into. If they view your property and feel that they need to do some cleaning, they will see the property as something that needs some work. It will be less appealing to them than a place that looks livable, where they could simply bring their belongings inside and start living there or using it as a business.

If you put in the work, then prospective buyers won’t feel like they have to. When the property is well-cleaned, you are more likely to have any individual coming through to view it feel like they could move in immediately. This simple service will help you sell faster, and that’s the bottom line.

Pick the Best Cleaning Service

Be careful about who you choose to do the cleaning on your properties. There are a few factors you want to keep in mind so that you get value for your money and great results.

1. Choose Someone Trustworthy

The cleaner will be coming to your property at times when you may not be there. You probably don’t want to stay on the property and supervise the cleaners the entire time they are working. That would be unreasonable, so you need to choose cleaners you can trust. You ought to be able to trust them to take good care of the property as they clean and to keep it secure at all times.

2. Compare Rates

Before choosing a cleaning service for your real estate investments, take the time to get a few quotes and compare these quotes. You may not want the cheapest price available, but you don’t want to be overcharged either. If you source multiple quotes, you will be able to tell what the average rate is and avoid cleaning services that charge way too much for what they are offering. The best real estate cleaner will charge a reasonable rate and do an excellent job.

3. Consider Scheduling Conflicts

Will the cleaning service be able to come and work for you when you need them? If they have too many customers and too few staff members, then they will not be able to keep up with the demand and may not be able to come consistently when you need them. Discuss with them upfront about their availability and when you might need them to clean to avoid scheduling conflicts. You can set up a scheduled cleaning time on a regular basis and keep them on standby for when you expect someone to view the property.

4. Evaluate Results

The final factor to consider in choosing a good cleaning company is whether they can deliver good results. Why would you want to keep paying them to come clean for you if you are not happy with the work they have done? The first time you hire them to work for you, you should do a thorough inspection of the property afterwards. See if it meets your standards and if they are a worthwhile partner for your real estate business.


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