Billionaire Bunker Security Measures – Options You Can Add to Your Luxury Home

Billionaire Bunker Security Measures - Options You Can Add to Your Luxury Home

When you think of the craziest home security ever, you may think of Bruce Wayne’s mansion, his Bat Cave or even the moats and drawbridges of medieval castles. The importance of personal safety and security has always been paramount for the wealthy throughout history. Today’s ultimate home security systems for ultra high net worth individuals are extremely advanced and reminiscent of things that you’ve read about in books and seen in sci-fi movies. Just imagine the security measures that Billionaire Ira Rennert’s sprawling $200 Million Hamptons Mansion is fitted with. If you’re looking to protect your own luxury home, take a lesson from some of the following billionaire bunker ideas.

Create a Perimeter

While you may not have a moat to protect your castle (unless you’re Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen), your home security system has to start with the border or your property. A former Secret Service agent who now is a security specialist tells Forbes that “the exterior has always been the holy grail” because it needs to be monitored 24 hours a day. This has led to high-tech fences, cameras, heat sensors and guards.

For your home, start by installing a gate around your property from a fully licensed and insured company such as Florida State Fence. You can find a style and color that matches the aesthetic of your home while also sending the message that you take security seriously. If you want to take it up a notch, consider infrared cameras that can detect the heat signatures of everything around them. This way you can tell if that noise you heard was just the wind blowing through the trees, a small animal or a human intruder.

Install High-Tech Cameras

Security cameras are no longer just limited to the outside of your home. With smart houses becoming more popular and advanced, you can set up high-tech cameras inside your home that you can access via your smartphone. If you have someone coming over to do work on your house or want to make sure your kids got in OK after school, you can check the smartphone app that connects to the cameras and see what’s happening in your house at any time. If you travel a lot for work, you don’t have to worry about your home’s security because you can check in to make sure everything’s how it should be and set it up to get alerts if someone is moving around the house when they shouldn’t be.

Use Biometrics

Biometrics are the latest craze when it comes to all kinds of security. While you may be used to fingerprint scanners on your smartphone and on your front door, the technology can go much further. An Israeli company has been working to make your entire body the key to your home. The software uses facial, voice and behavioral recognition to make sure it’s you before it unlocks the door. It recognizes you in under two seconds and lets you have an incredibly secure keyless entry that hackers can’t break into.

Secret Panic Room

In case someone does manage to get past all of your other defenses, you may want to have a secret panic room installed. There are companies that specialize in hiding rooms behind bookshelves, wardrobes, staircases and walls. Many mansions also have secure panic rooms that are the size of an average American house. These are fully stocked with provisions and are comfortable to stay in for long periods of time. They also have doors that are bullet, earthquake and intruder-proof. So, in the unlikely event that they figure out there is a hidden room behind the bookshelf, you’re still secure.


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