Why Golf is The Best Sport for College Students

Why Golf is The Best Sport for College Students

Most college students debate if golf is a sport. The truth is that it is not just a sport but also a good one. The dictionary has listed golf as one of the sports. It is possible to burn calories for every round since a single golf round lasts for about 3 to 5 hours. Golf is one of the oldest sports in the world, originating from the Netherlands.

Modern golf developed in Scotland in the 15th century. If the sport has been around for all that time, it is a definite reason it is an excellent game for all age groups. For a college student, the sport will not interfere with your school year.

Golf is the best sport since it teaches about patience; you will need a single round of 4 hours to play. You will have to wait for your turn for shots, and they can be challenging for a beginner. Patience is crucial for this game, and you also need to think and calculate your steps. You will need to remain patient and positive to have a chance at it. With golf, it is possible to learn about the virtue of sportsmanship, in as much as it is an individual sport. You will get a chance to play as a team or with other players. If you are interested in playing golf, you can check out these best golf clubs for women.

It is imperative to be respectful to the rest of the players and always follow the rules. In golf, it is all about honesty, and you will need to self-report all your scores. It is tempting to cheat by writing different scores. Be honest with others and yourself when playing, since when you lie, the score will not benefit you. Golf will teach you all that in 4 hours, students will grow their athletic ability and have positive traits. Gold is a sport where you will have fun and still teach you valuable life lessons.

Below find some of the reasons why golf is the best sport for college students:

  • Golf is right for your body. You will need to walk for about five miles in each course. You have to carry or push a bag while walking up and down; it is one of the great workouts, and hence losing about 2,000 calories dependent on if the course is hilly or flat the course. Even when you take a cart, the golf swing is a full-body workout, since it involves the core muscles, legs, and arms.
  • Golf helps in refreshing your mind. The sport is still physical, and about 90% mentally involved. Theย 18 holes round of golfย is a prolonged mental exercise, and it will make you stay focused when thinking about the task. It will help in relieving anxiety, stress, and depression.
  • When playing golf, it is possible to meet new friends who will have a positive influence in the future. You will enjoy a friendly, successful, and exciting life. While playing, there is pairing with other players; it will be fun since you can have a common interest. You will enjoy tournaments and team events. Golf is a sport you can continue to play even in old age; you will experience less stress or damage to the muscles and joints. It will be easier to play throughout your life comfortably without being worried about any injury or soreness.

Apart from being a sport, golf is a great indoor game and helps protect nature. To play the sport, you need to be on beautiful grounds with an abundance of animals and trees, so be sure to check online booking tee times to find ample time to play. The course acts as a habitat for plant species and animals.


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