The Benefits of Living in a Private Luxury Concierge Building

The Benefits of Living in a Private Luxury Concierge Building

Of all the amenities that come standard in luxury buildings these days, there’s one that many residents just can’t live without and that is a concierge. More than just a doorman, having an in-house concierge can make nearly every aspect of your life easier, starting the moment you walk thru the door.

Many of New York’s luxury buildings in Manhattan, such as 30 Park Place, have made concierges as part of their standard amenity package, making the lives of their high-powered residents run more smoothly from start to finish.

Now that a concierge-attended lifestyle is on the world’s radar, people will want to know what kind of differences living in a concierge building makes?

Easy Restaurant Reservations

When you’re in a rush to get out the door in the morning, the last thing on your mind is booking a table for dinner later that evening. Instead of spending time trying to finagle a table, just ask your building’s concierge to do it for you – you’ll have the best seat in the house waiting for you when you’re ready without spending any time on hold.

No Panic Over Problems at Home

A leaky faucet or jammed lock can often mean spending time looking up reviews, hiring contractors, and wasting the better part of a day. However, those living in a concierge building have access to the best help for anything that might befall them with a simple call to the lobby. Even if you’re not there to supervise, you can rest easy knowing that anyone doing work for you has been vetted by your building’s highly trained concierge.

Exclusive Access to Places and Events

Residents in concierge buildings rarely have to worry about getting a table at their favorite restaurant, tickets to a game, or time in one of the communal spaces in their building, like the private dining room or catering kitchen at 30 Park Place. Some concierge buildings even have arrangements with local businesses that will deliver food outside of normal business hours or offer special rates.

Less Work Time

Let’s face it; most people have enough on their plates as it is, between work, family, and social commitments. A concierge can help manage the minutiae of everyday life and allow you more time to enjoy the fun parts.

An Element of Poshness Added to your Lifestyle

Most of us love enjoying the perks of white glove treatment but have few opportunities to enjoy it. Living in a concierge building means having infinitely fewer things to worry about on a daily basis and a lot more luxury.

Hand life’s unpleasant little details over to someone else for a change and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with living in a concierge building.


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