5 Ideas For Fun Things To Do In West Palm Beach, Florida

5 Ideas For Fun Things To Do In West Palm Beach, Florida

West Palm Beach is known for its beautiful, scenic views. It boasts breathtaking waterfronts, scenic neighborhoods, and entertainment districts that are begging for your attention. There are no two ways about it – it’s a place you must visit!

The sunny skies and picture-perfect weather are the cherries on top of a vibrant cake. As figurative as that may sound, this paradise will offer you unmatched entertainment. No matter your sense of fulfillment, there is something for everyone. 

Ready for some enjoyment? Here are five ideas for fun things to do in West Palm Beach: 

Idea #1: Renting a yacht in West Palm Beach

So when was the last time you chartered a private yacht? If you haven’t had the opportunity or simply feel like tapping into your adventurous side, then your time in West Palm Beach is the best time to do so. 

Imagine…lunch on the water, scenic views, good company, and unforgettable memories to make. A yacht rental West Palm Beach offering is exactly what you need to enjoy these moments and more. 

Even better is the fact that these rentals come with a private captain that you can book for four or eight hours at a time- depending on how long you want to enjoy yourself on the water.

This immediately takes out the stress of having to swerve through the waves yourself as you can leave it all to the hands of professionals. All you need to do is kick back, relax and enjoy yourself! 

Idea #2: Shopping and dining at the square

If you’re looking for the ultimate shopping and dining experience, then West Palm Square is the place to be. Built using old-world architecture and filled with beautiful fountains and sidewalk cafes, everything combined is reminiscent of a European town center. 

All your favorite clothing and beauty brands will be found on The Square. Once you’re done shopping, dine a Planta- a chic restaurant that will serve all of your plant-based favorites. 

Ate to your filling? Enjoy gluten-free ice cream options at Angie’s Pop-Up. Sounds like great times are ahead!

Idea #3: Visit Northwood Village

Located west of downtown West Palm Beach, Northwood Village has a wonderful selection of art galleries and a monthly wine stroll. The village comes with a Bohemian vibe and is usually referred to as an artistic gem. 

From edgy galleries to eclectic shops, this is the perfect destination for any urban adventurer. Don’t forget to take selfies with those colorful murals! Want to dibble and dabble in spices? You’ll also appreciate the spices, salts, and essential oils that are up for sale.

Idea #4: Explore the Mounts Botanical Gardens

With a mission to “ inspire and educate through nature”, and boasting a history of over 40 years, this is the oldest Botanical Garden in West Palm Beach. 

Featuring 14 acres of garden with tropical and subtropical plants to boot, the Botanical Gardens is an exceptional place to be. It showcases mother nature in the best light, is educational, and also comes with eco-focused open-air events and workshops that you may want to attend. 

Idea #5: Go manatee-crazy

This is one of the most fun things to do in West Palm Beach. There’s nothing like watching over 2000-pound manatees in their glory. As these creatures are people lovers, they will swim right up to your dock so you can pet their bellies. 

Although you’ll be on West Plam Beach, you’ll feel like you are deep inside the heart of Africa, where manatees are replicated in different forest areas. 

Make Memories in West Palm Beach, Florida

There you have it, West Palm Beach is at its best! It doesn’t matter how you want to carve out your time or holiday, you’ll always have something fun to do here!

This amazing metropolis will offer you the sights and experiences of a lifetime. Even better is the fact that you can enjoy your first private yacht ride here if you’re looking to actually get on the water.

If you want to go on short day trips, popular tours, or go through the array of activities that we have mentioned here, you can relax and channel all your energy into making the most of your vacay!


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