Are Resort Bars The New Remote Office For Real Estate Agents?

Are Resort Bars The New Remote Office For Real Estate Agents?

With the world going more and more remote, as well as the changing in housing allowing for more real estate agents to make a bit more money, resort bars have been finding a brand new home with real estate agents. Resort bars are designed to be very comforting for people to sit in and just find a place to relax, and that can be very helpful for real estate agents.

But why are real estate agents being drawn to resort bars in droves? And how can hotels ensure that their resort bars are as attractive to real estate agents as well? 

Why Are Resort Bars So Popular For Real Estate Agents?

While most real estate agents tend to work locally, some of them do find themselves traveling to inspect homes in different cities or areas. They need a place to stay, especially since the majority of real estate work can be done online, and resort bars are an extremely popular choice.

Most real estate agents are going to be spending their time at hotels and resorts after they’ve finished inspecting their houses, and resort bars do have some advantages.

Resort bars allow for real estate agents to be in an environment that doesn’t just allow them to work on their traditional clients, but also to network and make new ones. They can focus on building their network in the new town and using their contacts for their old clients in order to make new ones as well.

Additionally, resort bars allow for real estate agents to claim a spot for themselves and just work. They can order a meal, order drinks, and just focus on the things that they need to do. It’s a great office that they are paying for anyway, so why wouldn’t they claim a spot and work?

How Can Resort Bars Make Themselves More Attractive To Real Estate Agents?

With a potential money base in real estate agents, it is up to the resort bars to market themselves to this new customer base. One of the best things they can do is focus on their marketing, advertising themselves on social media or other platforms as the place to work! 

Most real estate agents are also traveling to places in Florida and Texas, where the resort and resort bar market are also growing, and some dedicated marketing can ensure that every single real estate agent will want to come to your bar to work. 

How Can Resort Bars Take Advantage Of Real Estate Agents?

First, try to incorporate some real estate agents into your marketing plans. If you find that real estate agents and companies are using your resort bar as a remote office, take some pictures or communicate with them and see if they will share their experience at your resort bar on social media, or will write you a testimonial. 

If nothing else, you might be able to use a few clever tip jar ideas to try in order to get them to tip a bit more. Label your tip jar, connect your virtual tipping to a QR code that can be plastered around the resort, and ensure that your staff is doing such a good job, the customers can’t help but tip them for their work!

Turning Your Resort Bar Into The Perfect Remote Office For Real Estate Agents

While you shouldn’t change every single aspect of your resort bar to just cater to the real estate agent crowd, you can make a few small changes. Offering free wifi or wifi as part of the package when getting into your resort bar can help.

Additionally, you might find that having bigger tables and larger areas can help, because most real estate agents will spread their stuff out. Your resort bar can be a lot more than just a place where you and your staff can serve drinks and food.

It can also be a perfect gathering place and even a remote office for certain groups of people, so don’t be afraid to make your office something that can meet all of these needs. You might find some marketing opportunities that you didn’t know about before.


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