9 Benefits Of Using Angle Iron In Construction

9 Benefits Of Using Angle Iron In Construction

As one of the most familiar types of structural steel, angle iron, with its trademark L-shaped profile, offers loads of manufacturing options and possibilities.

Whether you are using angle iron to create a framework or constructing quality ladders, to give you just two examples, you will see that there are numerous benefits attached to using this material in your construction process.

Here is a quick overview of some of the prime benefits you can enjoy when you choose an angle iron for your construction requirements.

A great cost-effective solution

One of the most distinctive advantages of using angle iron is that it is a lightweight, yet extremely strong steel product.

The relevance of that is you get the benefit of a very robust metal that compares favorably to other metals, but crucially, it does not cost as much as other options. That means you get an affordable solution that performs brilliantly.

A good material to work with

 As any experienced welder will tell you, angle iron is a good material to work with.

Whether you are cutting, drilling, bolting, or welding, angle iron is considered a good material to work with.

Extremely versatile

Another strong attribute that angle iron offers is its excellent versatility.

Whether you are creating a lightweight structure or something heavier, angle iron is a metal that is up to the task.

Lightweight and compact

Strength is often a requirement when it comes to making things with metal. Angle iron is a product that delivers a lightweight solution without compromising on strength.

Good bend resistance

The secret behind its impressive strength is that angle iron has a 90-degree bend running along the length of the metal, which offers good resistance to bending.

This bend resistance also ensures that it is able to match or even beat the load resistance of a thicker, flat steel alternative.

A variety of size options

It helps to know that you can get angle iron supplied in a  number of different sizes.

This allows you to find the stock that meets your specific requirements in terms of depth, strength, and load-bearing capabilities.

Angle iron is usually offered in a wide range of different thicknesses and lengths, with lengths of up to 20 feet or more often available.

Minimal maintenance

You will be able to complete a project using angle iron safe in the knowledge that very little maintenance will be required once it is in place and any threat of corrosion has been tackled using a coating.

Once the angle iron has been sealed or painted, any subsequent maintenance will be very minimal.

Good availability

Angle iron is fairly easy to find, and stock levels are good in most areas.

Angle Iron has strong green credentials

Another notable point in favor of using angle iron is that it is a material that is very easy to recycle and reuse.

ย If you choose angle iron as your preferred metal material, you will be helping to eliminate waste because it is considered sustainable and environmentally friendly.

As you can see, angle iron has a lot going for it and it is a material that usually manages to tick more boxes than rival material options.


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