7 Ways To Keep Your Home Safer From Burglars And Intruders

7 Ways to Keep Your Home Safer from Burglars and Intruders

Nobody likes intruders, especially when they have ill intentions. An attempted burglary at your home can leave you feeling vulnerable and rob you of your precious sleep. It doesn’t stop at that; your hours away from home are even more tormenting, especially when there is no one in the house. Unfortunately, burglars can be the most persistent people; they keep pushing luck and won’t give up unless you give them enough reasons.

Even the most secure neighborhoods with modern metal works can be targets, and securing your home is your sole responsibility. Letting your guard down can cost you lots of valuable items and lead to grievous bodily harm when there is a confrontation in worse-case scenarios. To avoid unpleasant ordeals with criminals and intruders, you need to have a solid security plan. Sleep like a baby again with these seven security tips for your home.

1. Sealing Entry Points

Your first defence strategy to discourage theft in your home is to ensure that nobody gets in. This involves a combination of efforts to seal off the vulnerable points that burglars use to gain entry.

Fences and Perimeter Walls

Burglars will rarely walk in through the gate but will find ways around it to enter your compound. Installing a reliable barrier around your home is a great way to deter burglars. First, they won’t know what is in your compound, and second, they won’t get in.


The front and back doors are common entry points for thieves in many home break-ins. Sturdy doors and quality locks make it harder for burglars to get in. You can add a deadbolt lock and reinforce your hinges for better cover. Peepholes are a great addition as they help you know who is knocking on your door before you open it.


When burglars can’t find their way through doors, their next option is the windows. Ensure that all window locks are working and no window is left open at night or when no one is around. Also, install window grilles and consider shatterproof glass for your windows. Tinted glass will ensure intruders can’t see what is inside.

2. Outdoor Lighting

Burglars can strike anytime, but it is harder to control what happens under the cover of darkness. A well-lit compound will discourage intruders from your compound.

Motion Sensing Lights

Imagine walking into a dark area only to have a spotlight directed at you suddenly; what would you do? Well, it depends on your mission, but no burglar wants a spotlight on them. Motion lights will keep burglars at bay as they light up when people get near them, alerting the homeowner.

Sturdy Bulb Covers

Having excellent outdoor lighting is lovely, but it can all be gone in seconds. Burglars will do anything to conceal their whereabouts, including destroying security bulbs. With sturdy bulb covers, you ensure that your bulbs are safe from attack and last longer.

3. Surveillance Cameras

There are many kinds of security cams to suit varying needs and budgets. Strategic cameras on your perimeter wall, within your compound, and at entry points will deter most burglars. You can use cameras with motion sensors if you have a busy schedule. Every time the motion sensor gets activated, you get a prompt on your phone. Nowadays, security cameras are equipped with alarms to ensure that the homeowner receives real-time alerts whenever motion is detected.

4. Arming Yourself

This might seem ridiculous, but every homeowner should consider owning a weapon to protect themselves and their families in the face of home break-ins. If you live in a place where it’s legal, like North Carolina in the United States, then North Carolina local gun laws allow for the possession of firearms at home for personal protection. A weapon does not have to be a gun but could be anything from a whip, to a baseball bat, to metal rods. The point is to immobilize an attacker before they get the chance to harm you or other members of your family. Remember to keep your weapon safe to avoid situations where your weapon turns against you in the wrong hands.

5. Using Dogs as Security

Having a dog in your compound is one way to reinforce your home security and an excellent deterrent for thieves. Even a wall placard or drawing on your walls to indicate that you have dogs in your compound will keep burglars away. Few criminals will want to enter your compound to prove whether there are actual dogs inside. Dogs will guard their territory zealously and raise the alarm of intrusion. Trained dogs play an even better role in securing your home as they know exactly what to do in the event an intruder gets in. Owning a dog can be demanding, but the rewards make it worthwhile.

6. Apply Discretion

With the proliferation of social media and improved internet connections, it is now possible to know many personal details about strangers. Some people will post pictures of their homes on social media pages, giving criminals a chance to have a sneak peek at valuables. Others will announce all their activities on their social profiles, including their work schedule and travel plans. While the temptation to post as your first-class flight to a different destination is understandable, doing so can have far-reaching consequences. You not only let burglars know that you are not around, but they also get to know your financial standing, explains Gold Years. A little mystery on your social networks won’t hurt.

7. Network with Your Neighbors

It is becoming harder for neighbours to form close relationships for various reasons. First, people are busier nowadays, having to work most of the time, and too tired to take a neighborhood walk when free. Secondly, people are generally becoming apprehensive of each other, thanks to an imminent risk of or fear that they could land in the hands of a neighbor who is a criminal. However, not bothering to know your neighbors is worse. Apart from getting the latest neighborhood gossip, you get to have someone update you whenever a suspicious person visits your area.

Securing your home is involving and might set you back reasonable amounts of money. But it is value for money as you stand to lose much more without it. If you feel securing a home is too much work, your realtor can help link you up with security experts. Movoto agents understand that safety concerns can make living in some neighborhoods a nightmare. They can link you with the best security deals in the Chicago area for a safer home.


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