Top Four Apartment Amenities That Make Urban Living More Enjoyable

Top Four Apartment Amenities That Make Urban Living More Enjoyable

Regardless if you’re relocating to a new city or just changing apartments, amenities are usually a deal breaker for most people looking to move. To make sure you’re choosing the right apartment, it’s very important to be aware of what the local market offers in terms of apartment, building or community amenities. Our friends at RENTCafé shared with us the top four amenities that renters wouldn’t want to miss out on whether living in Paris, São Paulo, New York, Atlanta apartments, or even Weehawken apartments in New Jersey.

A lot of apartment buildings across the country offer the usual amenities like large closets, air conditioning or high-speed wi-fi, but it’s time to look beyond that. If you’re willing to pay a little bit more on rent, here are some very exciting amenities that are sure to make urban living extra enjoyable.

1. Smart home gadgets

It’s 2018 and most apartment buildings are stepping up their game as far as smart home technology goes. One very popular gadget nowadays is the Nest® Learning Thermostat, which can lower your energy bill considerably while learning your schedule and adapting to it. What’s more important, you can control the thermostat through an app even when you’re not at home. Other popular gadgets for techie renters are the Google Home or Alexa voice control assistant, which help you better control how your apartment functions. Pair them with a hi-tech lighting system and your home will not only be energy efficient but will also adapt its colors to your preferences. Such amenities are found in luxury buildings therefore you should expect higher rent prices. However, some communities go as far as to rent out the smart home technology for a separate monthly fee so if it’s not what you need, you can always opt out later.

2. Soundproof walls

Do you ever feel like the neighbors are partying a bit too loud or that the dog next door has a way of always barking whenever you want to sleep? Wall soundproofing is the answer. Although most properties have strict rules against loud noises, it’s better to prevent than to end up complaining to the landlord every week. There are ways to soundproof the apartment yourself, but it can be costly, and you’ll have to get your landlord’s permission, not to mention the time and comfort that you’ll have to sacrifice when making the alterations. Before you decide on a new apartment, always check with the landlord or property manager if the walls are soundproof since online listings may not include this information.

3. Outdoor spaces with pools and cooking areas

Renting should be an experience and more property managers nowadays do their best to make their community a one-of-a-kind, attractive and dynamic place to call home. At the end of the day, home is where you spend most of your time and it should not lack entertainment spots like outdoor cooking areas or sparkling resort-style pools. Nothing beats a laid-back cooking session with your friends or neighbors while watching the sun set at the end of a long day. In many newly built apartment communities these amenities are standard.

4. Fitness center/tennis court

How about a fitness center or a tennis court to make interacting with neighbors easier and work on that healthy lifestyle you’ve been meaning to have? Knowing that a fitness center in your building will probably eliminate many excuses. If you’re not really a gym fan, try the tennis court or other outdoor spaces that will get you moving. Needless to say, it’s always a good idea to have such healthy options available on premise for whenever you feel like getting off the couch and working out a bit. The alternative would be to shell out between $20 – $100 per month at a gym that might be far away, poorly kept or too crowded.


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