7 SEO Copywriting Tools to Enhance Your Content

7 SEO Copywriting Tools to Enhance Your Content

One of the most important parts of current marketing strategies is content. Not that you should expect results from just publishing anything. Creating content that is both search engine friendly and informative about your company is essential. Consequently, search engine-optimised copywriting has become the industry norm.

Effective SEO copywriting involves incorporating relevant keywords while complying with the latest SEO guidelines. While several SEO copywriting practices can improve your chances of ranking higher in the search engine results pages, you should consider using the following tools to level up your game.

1. Google Keyword Planner

Keyword research allows you to identify and analyse the keywords most relevant to a particular topic or audience. While you may find plenty of keyword research tools on the market, Google Keyword Planner can offer several advantages. Advertisers primarily use it, but you can also generate relevant keywords for SEO. You can even learn about the keywords that your competitors are targeting.

2. UberSuggest

Even though this SEO tool was initially launched with just keyphrase research functions, you can now use it to perform site audits and SERP analysis. While you can use this one for keyword research, you can also identify the content getting a significant number of backlinks and social media shares. Analysing the top-performing content in your niche can also help you boost your copywriting efforts.

3. Surfer

While the previous two tools focused on research and tracking, Surfer helps you better target the keywords while writing the content. It analyses the existing content and lets you revise it for better SEO. Also, this tool shows you what is currently ranking on the search engine results page for the keyword you are targeting. Based on the statistics provided by the tool, you can adjust your content length, type, and backlinks for better results.

4. Yoast

This WordPress plugin can offer several additional SEO features that you generally do not get on WordPress. It helps you boost your content’s readability and offers in-depth SEO analysis. With useful suggestions like the ideal length of the meta description and what internal links should be added, Yoast can improve the SEO metrics of your WordPress content. You can ignore this SEO copywriting tool if you use a different CMS platform than WordPress.

5. Conversion.ai

As you may have guessed from its name, it is certainly an AI tool that can help you capture your audience’s attention and improve your conversion rate. This tool has many templates to give you the best outline according to your requirements. Moreover, it features several useful segments that function like individual tools themselves. Some of those segments are Sentence Expander, Review Responder, Perfect Headline Analyser, and Blog Post Outline.

6. Grammarly

If you are unfamiliar with this tool, you must use it today. This proofreading tool integrates easily with MS Word, Google Docs, and your browsers. It gives you real-time feedback on grammar, incorrect spelling, sentence construction, and more while writing. It also helps improve the readability of your content by suggesting better ways to state the same content. Also, the premium edition offers plagiarism detection, allowing you to produce error-free content.

7. Clearscope

This is another AI-driven tool that helps you produce the best version of your content. It also integrates seamlessly with WordPress and Google Docs, giving you real-time analysis of your content. The tool tells you whether your content fits the preset industry standards. Also, it suggests the ideal length of the content and reading level to help understand if it is appropriate for the target audience.

To sum it up

SEO copywriting does not always have to be challenging. With the help of these tools above, you can speed up your content writing process and make strategic improvements for better results. Your competitors are already using these tools to their advantage. Why should you lag?



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