Self-Storage In Los Angeles, California

Self-Storage In Los Angeles, California

If you’re moving to or from Los Angeles, you may need a place to keep some of your stuff temporarily. There are many reasons that people choose to use self-storage, including moving or just having too much stuff for your living space in general. Thankfully, the process for signing up for a self-storage facility is similar for most places.

Self-storage is available for long- and short-term storage, so no matter the length of time you need to store your stuff, self-storage can accommodate you. Most units are leased on a month-to-month basis and allow you to rent their units for a specified amount of time.

Storage facilities may differ in how they ensure the security of your items. Some have their own locks, either hard or digital, while others require you to provide your own locks. Some security facilities have cameras, while others even control who accesses the facility itself through entrance codes.

Once you find a self-storage facility that can accommodate your needs, you’ll need to decide the size of storage that is appropriate for your needs. You may want to estimate a little higher on this, as there is nothing worse than filling up the storage only to find it will not fit everything. Once you have found the perfect storage unit for you, you sign a contract for the storage unit and can begin moving your stuff into storage.

While the self-storage process sounds complicated, there is a website that does most of the work for you. You can go to Self Storage Finders, put in your city and state, and find storage units near you. The website not only finds storage units near you, but it also lets you rent and reserve your units completely online. As a bonus, they include customer reviews of each storage facility to help you decide the perfect unit for you.

Currently, in Los Angeles, StorQuest, Life Storage, and Extra Space Storage are the top three self-storage facilities.

  • StorQuest offers currently offers units ranging from 3×4 to 10×30 and currently range in price from $160 per month to $1189 per month. They offer interior units that are climate controlled and have video cameras on site.
  • Life Storage currently has units ranging in size from 5×10 to 10×20. The current prices range from $166 per month for the smaller units, and $379 per month for the larger units. While the website does not state whether their units are climate controlled (you should visit or call the facility before reserving the storage), they do have video cameras on site. Additionally, Life Storage also accepts mail and packages for tenants if that is a feature that you need.
  • Finally, Extra Space Storage currently has units that range from a 4×5 locker to a 10×20 storage unit. The prices currently range from $38 per month for the locker to $414 per month for the 10×20 units. Their units are climate controlled and there are video cameras on site.

The prices and availability of the units sometimes fluctuate due to supply, demand, and other factors, so if you do not find something you want immediately, check back on Self Storage Finders consistently as there may be a price decrease or a unit become available.


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