7 Frequently Asked Engagement Ring Questions And Answers

7 Frequently Asked Engagement Ring Questions And Answers

Engagement rings symbolise eternal love for your significant other, making it one of the most important purchases you will ever make to seal your love. This is because an engagement ring expresses all the emotions and feelings surrounding your story. But wanting to give something this important can raise questions like what gemstone is perfect for an engagement ring? How do I know what size or colour it should be? This can result in you panicking due to fear of disappointing your significant other. 

The truth is, many people like you feel the same way when getting an engagement ring for their partner. So, to help you, Below are answers to your possible questions while choosing the perfect engagement ring.

1. How much should I spend?

This question has a simple answer: as much as you want or can afford. Virtually all jewellery stores today have a wide range of prices, with precious rings within any catalogue range. Listen to the jeweller’s advice, but once you set a budget, stick to it.

The reality is that imposing a minimum cost has nothing to do with love. The important thing is to choose a piece with meaning. Dedicating yourself to carefully selecting a ring you know your partner will love is priceless. The only recommendation to consider is to invest in quality metals and stones like Swarovski (2808) flatback crystals non hotfix heart crystal antique pink; after all, it is a piece that you will use throughout your life and can even be passed on from generation to generation.

2. Should the ring be a surprise?

It is common that if a couple has been in a relationship for a long time, they have discussed the possibility of a future marriage, plus the moment of the request is usually a surprise. As such, you can decide to get engaged and choose the engagement ring together, but the traditional way is still the most common and romantic. It has been consistently shown that women love a surprise proposal.

3. If it will be a surprise, how can I know the size?

This is another of the most common questions. There are several ways or techniques to get an approximate size. One that is common is that you select the ring within your budget but have a discussion with the store to check with the jewellery store if the model you chose can be adjusted after the proposal. So, perhaps if the ring is too small or too big, you can easily return it. 

4. How many jewellery stores should I visit before deciding?

Information is now much easier to access than before. We recommend you browse the websites or explore the social media page of some jewellery stores. This will help you to filter those with the styles and designs you are looking for in stock, so you can decide which ones to get. 

Online store experts’ advice is also very helpful; you can request that they send you live videos or pictures, and you can even provide a range of your budget to receive only those options within your means.  

5. Does it have to be a diamond?

The diamond is the stone par excellence for engagement rings. In addition to tradition, this stone symbolises eternal love, making it perfect as an engagement ring. In addition, the diamond, being one of the hardest minerals, is ideal for daily use since this quality will allow the stone to maintain its shine and beauty throughout its life. Therefore, a diamond can be a good option but not a must. You can choose a different gemstone, like Swarovski crystals, for your partner’s engagement ring. On the other hand, three-stone rings are an excellent option for those who want to opt for something more unique. 

6. How do I choose the right design?

It’s normal to panic when hearing about an endless list of design options in terms you don’t really understand. Our recommendation here is to observe your partner. Take note of the type of jewellery she wears. Take note of their preference, if they like classic or more modern style when dressing. If they like to wear showy or more discreet accessories, use the clues to get something that best fits them. However, if you feel equally lost, with a little advice from experts or your partner’s close friends, you will surely find the right one.

7. What happens if they don’t like it?

Ask if it is possible to change the ring once the purchase is made. Some stores give this and allow you to choose between another of the available options. However, it is best to ask before making the purchase, especially if you do not feel completely sure if they’d love the design you’re getting.


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