7 Best Tips On How To Upgrade Your Electrical Service

7 Best Tips On How To Upgrade Your Electrical Service

There is no such thing as a lifetime warranty for electrical panels, wires, breakers, or other electrical components. They will eventually need to be replaced and updated.

Electrical problems are often the cause of fires that destroy homes and kill people every year. That’s why it’s important to keep your electrical system updated, says The Local Electrician.

An experienced electrician can upgrade your electrical service and keep everything running efficiently and safely. Australia has very good electricians who can make sure you and your family don’t have to worry about fire-related accidents. 

Now, let’s go through the article to find out the best tips on how to upgrade your electrical service.

When Do You Need to Upgrade the Home Electrical Panel?

The electronic panel serves as a storage facility for your home’s electricity. It sends the necessary power to the outlets where you need it and prevents the electricity from going where it shouldn’t be, causing a short circuit or fire.

After a certain amount of time, an electrical panel may malfunction and fail to keep the current flowing properly. There are certain signs that point to such problems. That’s when you’ll know it’s time to service or replace it.

Unless you are a trained electrician, upgrading electronic panels yourself is a terrible idea. It is neither simple nor wise.  Get the services of a local electrician to safely upgrade the panels.

Let’s look at several indicators to know when it’s time to upgrade electrical services.

Remodeling Time

Your home’s electrical system might be updated as part of a renovation. This cleans up your property by removing obsolete wiring and junction boxes.

Usually, it is recommended to replace an electronic panel every 25-40 years. You can then install a cabling system that is far safer and more efficient than your old system.

Lights Flicker or Dim

When you use other appliances like microwave ovens, do the lights dim? A single circuit can’t handle too much electricity and can’t handle multiple appliances being used at the same time. This means you will require an additional circuit.

It’s sometimes better to have a complete replacement rather than just adding a circuit. It will help if you get the guidance of a skilled electrician in this regard.

Hot Electrical Board

When a circuit breaker malfunctions, it becomes warm to the touch. This makes it clear that the electrical panel is damaged and has to be replaced soon.

Don’t try to do this yourself. Look for an electrician to upgrade the electricity system as soon as possible.

A Strong Burning Odor

A burning smell is always a source of concern. If the source is your electrical panel, take action right away. Otherwise, a fire can break out.

First, you might detect the scent of burning plastic from the wire coating. Then there’s the smell of burning wood, suggesting that the fire has damaged the wall.

At the beginning of the malfunction, the smell may be mild and then vanish. Only a skilled electrician can then resolve the problem.

Extra Appliances

An increase in the number of appliances necessitates additional power. Maybe the capacity of your current electrical panel is insufficient to meet your needs.

An electrician can assess the situation and recommend the appropriate panel.

Too Few Outlets

You can use a power strip to make up for a shortage of outlets. It happens because your panel cannot handle an increase in electrical flow.

If the panel allows it, an electrician can add more circuits. However, if this is not possible, the best alternative is to replace the board.

No Breakers in Panel

In some cases, the panels in older houses do not have breakers. Instead of changing a breaker, you might need to replace a fuse.

In older versions, the fuse panels are dangerous because they are directed at the electricity. In fact, the panel has no safeguards like the new ones. Replacing an outdated panel is a sensible decision in this case.

Besides the point mentioned above, broken outlets, blown light bulbs, or exceptionally high electrical bills also hint at the need to update the electrical panel. Though 25-40 years is an average lifetime, an electronic system malfunction can happen at any time.

When there is a problem with the system, try to fix or update it as a safety precaution.

7 Simple Tips to Make Your Electrical Service Upgrade Easy

People use new and advanced electrical systems while building their houses. But how do you add more power to your existing system?

Let’s jump into the seven tips on how to upgrade electrical service at home or office to ensure more power supply.

1. Smart Wiring

Constantly update your house’s wiring! It aids in the efficient operation of high-power-consuming gadgets.

Structured wiring decreases the amount of power used and saves money on electricity costs. Moreover, it bolsters safety to avoid any accidents or injuries.

2. Replace the Old Meter

An electrical meter measures the energy consumed at your house. It would be best to replace an old meter, especially while upgrading the amperage. However, newer meters are smart and can save on energy bills.

A new outside electric meter includes the price of the new meter and the cost of professional installation.

3. 3-Phase Connection

You may need to upgrade your electrical wattage to consume the power of more than 7.5KW. If you have three or more air conditioners, you should upgrade to a three-phase connection.

Moreover, the 3-phase connection provides more power density with low wiring cost and size.  It improves the reliability and stability of the power supply.

4. Get an Electrical Upgrade

Several signs that the electrical panel needs to be updated include fuse browning, broken outlets, heat on the board, and so on.

There’s no need to fuss with electrical components. The one-stop solution to those problems is a total upgrade of the electrical service.

5. Hire an Electrician

An electrical system update is a dangerous undertaking. Only highly trained individuals are capable of carrying out this task safely. It is a standard recommendation to seek the assistance of a qualified electrician.

The cost of hiring electricians is definitely worth it in the long run.

6. Home Security with GFCI

“GFCI” stands for “ground fault circuit interrupters.” They’re commonly used in kitchen and bathroom countertops and unfinished basements.

This is a home-based safeguard against electrocution. It guarantees that connections are secure. It is advantageous in areas close to bodies of water.

If you have an older property with no electronic upgrades, you should install a GFCI to avoid mishaps. GFCI is one of the advantages of the enhanced computerized system.

Like the other components we’ve discussed, it’s wise to entrust these jobs to the experts.

7. Add Circuits

Overloaded circuits cause inefficient lighting and power outages. You may start thinking about how to increase the amperage in the house. The simple solution is to add more circuits to the electronic board.

A professional electrician can also set up a sub-panel. It helps match the home’s amperage. However, make sure the fuse box is out of children’s reach.

The Cost of Updating the Electricity in the Old House

You will want to develop a budget to determine your costs before changing your home’s electrical system. The price is determined by the number of amps and how they are installed.

The average cost of rewiring is $40/hour in Australia. But jobs requiring a high level of accessibility and other variables might pay up to $75 per hour.

Safety should come first! Realizing that your home is safe from electronic threats provides you with maximum relief. The money is well spent to ensure a reliable electrical supply.


It is preferable to keep your electrical service current to avoid electrical accidents. Establish a budget and hire an expert to ensure a bright future for your home and an adequate power supply system.

When you want to discuss the prospect of changing the electrical system with a reputable electrician, this guide should come in handy. It will assist you in making a more informed choice regarding electrical service upgrades.

Hopefully, the ideas on how to upgrade your electric service will help you keep your home safe and energy-efficient.


1. How can we increase the amount of electrical power?

One of the first things you should improve is your existing control panel. Replace the meter and any old circuit breakers that are no longer working correctly. It will generate more electricity than it did previously.

2. How much does a 400-amp service cost to set up?

The normal cost of upgrading to 400 Amp service is between $3,500 and $4,500. It’s a little pricey, and you may want to reconsider upgrading the panel. However, it is important to keep the boards up-to-date to make sure they are safe and protected in the years to come.

3. What is an electrical service update?

An electric service improvement generally means that all of the electrical services in the house have been changed.

Examples include:

  • the line-side service access wire
  • the meter base and the weather head
  • cord for the load-side service entrance ground
  • bonding system
  • electric panel


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