Warnings To Replace The Electrical Panel In Your Naples, Florida Home

Warnings To Replace The Electrical Panel In Your Naples, Florida Home

The electrical panel of your Naples home is the motherboard of your entire electrical system. You have complete freedom to design your new house as you see fit, but it is better not to work on the electrical system of your modern home on your own. The component of your circuit board distributes the internal electrical current to multiple circuits. You should ensure that the breakers are installed properly. In case of an oversupply of power, it is important to have a reliable and functional system in place to flip and balance the voltage.  

Having said that, it is still common for many homes to have an outdated panel or old-fashioned circuit box that needs repairing. In this article, we will be addressing issues that confirm your electrical panel needs to be replaced.

Do You Need to Replace the Circuit Breaker Box?

Electricity consumption has increased massively in today’s world. Globally, it is continuing to grow at a rate faster than energy consumption. Hence, the home electrical panel demands more power. For example, a twenty years old home is likely to have a circuit box that cannot fulfill the demand of power load needed for the multiple uses of appliances. 

If you live in a home that is more than 15 years old, you should probably consider upgrading the electrical panel. Remember to do your homework before hiring professionals for Electrical Panel Upgrades in Naples. Check through the reviews and choose a provider that has a lot of expertise. We highly recommend getting in touch with your local electricians to inspect your house and advise you on whether or not replacement is required. 

If you already know that your home has an electrical panel with a fuse box instead of a modern circuit breaker box, that might be a reason to call your nearby electricians. Warning: Fuse boxes are no longer capable of handling the power load from modern appliances, which can cause major fire hazards.  

Warning Signs You Need Circuit Breaker Panel Service

You may have a contemporary electrical panel that can manage the power consumption in your home, but it does not rule out the possibility of unexpected failures. You can still face issues with your electrical line that may require being repaired. Here is a list of signs that will determine whether your electrical panel requires a replacement.

Your Breakers Are Frequently Tripping

If you are continuously fixing your breaker panel because it is tripping frequently- then there is some problem with the circuit box. If you are a resident of Naples, the humid temperature for most of the year is considered to be bad for your circuit board. 

If installed properly, a circuit box should have a lifespan of up to 60 years – but for homes in Naples, the electrical panels are expected to have a short lifespan due to the humidity. 

You Live in an Older Home

Constant troubles from lights going on and off, regular flickering is all signs that your electrical panel needs a doctor. As mentioned earlier, if your residence is older than 20 years, it is likely to have an installation of a single 60-amp electrical panel. 

Smart home tech or modern appliances – like smart TV, high-speed internet systems, multiple devices will demand more power than your current electrical panel can hold. You may have to consider an upgrade to a 100-amp or even a 200-amp version to meet your electricity consumption.

If You’re Upgrading Your Home or Appliances

Renovating or remodeling your Naples home might be an opportunity to revisit the current infrastructure of your electrical line. You may even take this chance to upgrade your present infrastructure to comply with your renovated home. If you are also going to upgrade or buy modern appliances for your home, it is highly recommended to change your circuit box to safely use your appliances. 

You must make sure that your circuit box can take the load of your new appliances.  You may have been contemplating decorating a wall for a long time to compliment your new modern home appliances. This step will help you to eliminate any worries about your new appliances being damaged or catching fire from the old panel.

Burning Smells for Your Panel

Keep an eye out for the burning smell in the house. If you find it’s coming from your panel or any of the individual power circuits – this is a major warning. Your circuit breaker is likely to catch fire inside the panel and even cause damage to your appliances. 

An acrid smell is also another sign of burnt panels. Call a professional to check your system. Make sure to call only licensed and reliable electricians.

Circuit Breakers Will Not Remain Reset

If you are also frustrated with having to reset your main circuit breaker again and again it is a sign of malfunction in your circuit panel and needs repair.

The Electrical Panel Feels Warm

If your electrical panel is heating up and feels warmer than usual. This is an indicator that your Naples home electrical wires are on the verge of catching fire. In this case, we highly recommend you to replace your electrical wires – and check for the root of the problem. You may also need to change the entire circuit box.


It’s not easy to keep your electrical panel in check, therefore, it is easily neglected by homeowners. It is quite common for you to overlook simple problems, but a little issue can become dangerous if left unattended. 

It is better to change your circuit box with an upgraded panel if your house is 20 years or older. Even in the case of minor issues, seeking professional help to prevent any damage is always a good idea.



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