7 Benefits Of Selling Your House In “As Is Condition”

7 Benefits Of Selling Your House In As Is Condition

Is a last-minute move forcing you to sell your house quickly? Don’t have the time to make much-needed repairs? Almost 6 million homes sold in August thanks to a red hot housing market, including houses in an ‘as in condition.’

When selling your house in bad condition, there’s no need to worry. In some cases, getting out of a house quickly can be a great move, even if it’s less than desirable. 

Here are seven benefits of selling your home in an ‘as is condition.’

1. Selling in an ‘As Is Condition’ Saves Time

Selling your house in ‘as is condition’ consumes your time with painting, power washing, and fixing up the landscaping. If you’re doing these tasks yourself, renting equipment and getting supplies will take time. 

Dealing with multiple contractors to get those jobs done can waste your time hiring and checking in to see if the job is done correctly.

If you’re looking for real estate advice, hiring a company such as Seller’s Advantage can be your best bet. 

2. Saves Money

When selling a home that needs repair, it could be a money pit. It’s likely that running into problems with plumping, the structure of the home, or the electrical system could make selling your house even worse.

Before the house hits the housing market, how much money are you willing to spend? 

3. Attracting Cash Buyers

If someone is looking to flip your house, they may want to pay cash. Cash deals mean less time for both the buyer and the seller. 

A house in bad condition will sell to cash buyers because they want it for an investment property and have the resources to make repairs. 

4. Tear Downs

In some cases, the land is worth more than the structure on the property. When selling your house in an ‘as is condition,’ contractors may want to tear down the house. 

Bulldozing the home for development or commercial property can get you quick cash. 

5. Messy Divorce

Are you and your spouse involved in a messy divorce? Can you not agree on selling your home? 

Getting your property on the housing market quickly can make divorce proceedings go quickly. 

6. Quick Sale

New job? New town? Is the company you work for sending you to a new location?

You may want a quick sale when selling your house because you need to move on to your new career. Selling your house in an ‘as is condition’ can make the process go much faster.

7. Room for Negotiation 

Because you are selling your house in a bad condition, there will be room for negotiation with the buyer. Perhaps there are multiple offers, and you can benefit.

However, because the house will need repair, prepare yourself to negotiate and get less than you might think. 

Selling Your House in an ‘As Is Condition’

Selling your house in an ‘as is condition’ saves you time, money and can attract cash buyers. If the house needs tearing down, there’s a messy divorce, or you’re looking for a quick sale, it’s a great option. ‘As is condition’ also means there’s room for negotiation.

Get solid real estate advice when selling your home in an ‘as is condition!’

Selling a House As-Is: How to Skip Repairs and Move On!
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