6 Valuable Home Décor & Improvement Tips to Improve Curb Appeal

6 Valuable Home Décor & Improvement Tips to Improve Curb Appeal

Sprucing up the exterior of any home has a variety of benefits. For those who want to live in brighter, friendlier-looking neighborhoods, taking the initiative to improve your own home and lawn can inspire others to do the same. Taking proper care of your home’s exterior also improves curb appeal and long-term resell value, which is something many home owners can appreciate.

With so many potential options available, choosing which specific projects and improvements you’ll pursue can be a bit challenging. Some projects may produce more aesthetically-pleasing results than others, while some may add more tangible value to your property. Ultimately, home owners will need to decide what’s right for their properties and balance out factors such as cost, space and return on investment.

To help in that process, let’s look at 6 home décor and improvement projects that can add curb appeal to your property’s exterior.

Install New Windows and Doors

One of the simplest exterior home décor tasks that owners can invest in is the replacement of aging doors and windows via door and window installation projects. A freshly-painted door or set of windows can improve the appeal of any property, but newer varieties that complement the home’s design and offer additional benefits are an even greater choice.

Many doors and windows are now far more energy-efficient than their predecessors, which means that door and window replacement won’t just improve the look and feel of your home’s exterior; it’ll also save you money on heating and cooling costs.

Companies such as American Vision Windows offer a variety of door and window replacement solutions, including wood, fiberglass and aluminum windows. This company offers window installations and door replacements that’ll immediately transform the appeal of your home’s exterior.

Invest in a New Walkway

What is the first thing people see and experience when walking up to your house? In many cases, it’s the walkway. This simple strip of stone, concrete or other material can say a lot about the home itself – it can also make or break the appeal of the home’s exterior.

While gravel and rock walkways may be the cheapest route to go, they can be done in such a way where they look incredible. By framing them with lighting and other complementary barriers, installing a new walkway won’t cost an arm and a leg. Of course, other materials such as clay bricks, smooth stones and poured concrete are also available.

Give the Home a Fresh Coat of Paint

Easily one of the most noticeable exterior home improvements, giving the house a fresh coat of paint can completely transform its curb appeal. Many homeowners paint their homes shortly before moving, and for good reason; a good paint job can actually increase the selling price of the home by more than the project costs.

A fresh coat can help protect select siding surfaces from the elements, reducing long-term maintenance costs on the home’s exterior. As such, this is one vital project for homeowners.

Build a Front Yard Fence

Neighborhoods that feel welcoming and open are at the core of the concept of curb appeal – but that doesn’t mean a bit of seclusion isn’t also appealing! The notion of picket fences is a longstanding concept in front yard décor, and adding a low-profile fence to your front yard can further improve its aesthetic.

A variety of front yard fencing styles exist; from standard white picket fences to luxurious metal and stone combinations. Ultimately, a front yard fence makes the property a bit more intimate while adding genuine curb appeal (when done properly).

Replace That Aging Roof

If your home is older, then there’s a good chance that its roof may not be up to par (functionally or aesthetically). An old roof can be a serious issue for homeowners, leading to leaks, mold and rot. It can also be a bit of an eyesore if it’s not in good condition, which is why this improvement project is so valuable.

A new, modern roof will add genuine appeal to your home’s exterior while also protecting its interior from long-term damage. There are many different types of roofs, ranging from tile and vinyl to shingle and stone. Pricing and style alike will guide your decision, but any new roof that matches your home’s aesthetic is worth considering.

Add Ample Lighting

Last but not least, the exterior of the home is nothing without optimal lighting. During the day, the sun’s natural light can frame key aspects of the home’s exterior and outdoor spaces. At night, however, dimly-lit properties often lose valuable curb appeal and can even be vulnerable to crime.

From front door and walkway lighting to lighting options affixed directly onto the home’s exterior, you can brighten up any dark space and recover that curb appeal. Further lighting choices (such as garden lighting, pool lighting and exterior garage lighting) will improve your home’s value even more. Click here to learn more about your lighting options. There are good smart home options available now as well.

These six-home décor and improvement projects can ultimately revolutionize the curb appeal of your home. If your house’s exterior can use a bit of improvement, then consider these projects and how each one can brighten up (in some cases, literally!) your property and make you the envy of the neighborhood.


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