6 Questions You Should Ask Your Washroom Partition Company

6 Questions You Should Ask Your Washroom Partition Company

On average, a person spends up to 15 minutes in a washroom daily. That’s a significant amount of time spent in a confined area. It’s important to have washrooms that offer comfort and functionality to users.

Now, asking your washroom installer the right questions can make all the difference. Are you planning to upgrade your commercial washroom? Then, it is important to consider options like the Shelves Collection from American Specialties. It is such a great option for commercial spaces who are looking for durable and customizable washrooms.

There are a ton of other questions you should ask as well. In this article, we’ll be discussing 6 of the most important questions.

1. How Many Partitions Can Fit in the Available Space?

The size of the company will determine the suitable number of partitions your washroom should have. However, in cases where there is only a small amount of space available, your partition installer will have to maximize the available space so there is enough room and toilet seats for all users.

They would carefully analyze factors such as the width of your sides and stile, the space between the panel’s center line and the outer portion, as well as the distance from the side wall to the divider panel. All of these factors play a deciding role in the number of partitions you’ll end up with.

2. How Much Quality Do the Installation Materials Have?

The quality of the materials used plays a role in the durability of your washroom. Insist on high-quality materials that not only last long but also offer a great user experience.

Since you’ll be spending top dollar on these partisans, it only makes sense to ensure that your investment will last for years without having to be replaced.

3. Will the Interior be Paper Core?

Paper-core interiors seem like a good choice when you’re on a budget, but for best results, you should avoid them. 

Specifically, ask your installer not to use a paper core for your bathroom interior. These interiors are not designed to withstand a significant amount of moisture, unlike non-absorbent materials.

If they are exposed to moisture for a prolonged period, you will likely be faced with costs for getting rid of mold, bacteria, and a repugnant odor.

4. How Long Should You Expect a Partition to Be Durable?

As mentioned earlier, a washroom partition is an investment in comfort. Now, like every investment, you would expect it to hold up for a few years. 

Though several factors influence the life span of a partition, if you invest in high quality materials such as HDPE solid plastic, you should have a sturdy restroom for an average of 25 years.

5. What Would Maintenance Cost?

The quality of materials used also plays a role in the frequency of maintenance for the washroom. If the material used is hard and sturdy, you would not have to worry about repainting, repairing, or replacing any damaged parts.

However, you would have to do constant cleaning. Regular cleaning is not only a maintenance measure; it’s a necessary precaution to keep both the washroom and all its users safe.

6. The Washrooms Will be ADA Compliant, Right?

Every commercial space regulated by the ADA has a bathroom that is accessible to people with disabilities. After a public washroom is erected, the business owner has about 60 days to contact the ADA for inspection and approval. Therefore, it is important to confirm with your installer whether or not there will be ADA-compliant features in your new washroom.

Wrapping Up

You should make it a habit to ask these questions when you’re out looking for an installer to handle your washroom project. The answers to these questions will determine if your current prospective hire would be a good fit for the task. 


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