6 Landscape Renovation Trends To Create Perfect Outdoor Living Space

6 Landscape Renovation Trends To Create Perfect Outdoor Living Space

As you strive to renovate your gardens to improve the homes’ value and aesthetics, new landscaping trends keep emerging with more focus on environmental preservation. Even the smallest spaces, such as balconies and rooftop patios, are being spruced up with plants to add ambiance and interest while creating a personal garden sanctuary. As you look forward to your next landscape renovation, here are a few trends that might inspire the project design.

Artificial Turf

The use of artificial grass stands out as an easy-to-maintain landscape renovation project. Most homeowners opt for this synthetic grass because of its cost-effectiveness, year-round looks, and low maintenance. You can rarely differentiate between artificial and natural grass as they always look similar. If you are a busy homeowner, getting artificial turf would be a perfect way to develop your dream garden without extensive care and maintenance. To get the most out of this landscaping trend, hire a qualified Malone’s Landscape designer to help you identify and fix the ideal grass species, depending on your lawn’s condition.

Going Native

Most homeowners now choose to landscape with more native plants as they provide numerous benefits and tolerate the climatic conditions of various regions. They thrive in rainfall, sunny, windy, and drought conditions and adapt to stresses from diseases and pests. Most importantly, native plants outdo non-native ones in extreme weather events resulting from climate changes. These plants are perfect in pollinator gardens as they attract local pollinators, supporting regional wildlife.

Edible Yards

Kitchen gardening or edible gardening is the most cost-effective way to grow your own food while landscaping your yard. It gives you the freshest veggies and fruits and allows you to control their growth. You can engage your entire family in gardening and even use the opportunity to teach your kids valuable sustainability skills. The latest twists in kitchen gardening include planting in raised beds for enhanced accessibility and better drainage and converting lawns to garden spaces.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting adds to the feel and ambiance of your landscape and patio area. Whether it’s a LED light channel beneath a sidewalk or patio, hidden lighting illuminating the pathway, or lights installed underneath floating trees or structures, you can never run out of outdoor lighting options. Incorporating candles, lanterns, and fire features in your night’s outdoor entertainment can also be beneficial.

Natural Immersive Gardens

Better known as nature-scaping or curated wilding, the landscaping idea focuses more on using natural landscaping materials with rich raw textures and neutral colors to bring out the true beauty of an imperfect look. Immersive gardens include low-species plants that undergo trimming to look pristine.

Vertical Gardens

Everyone seems to be trying vertical gardening, especially those with small spaces. The landscaping trend involves planting small trees and other crops on a vertically suspended panel using hydroponics.

You can attach your vertical garden to a wall or leave it as a standalone. A vertical garden is a perfect alternative if you don’t have the space and time to maintain potted plants. However, consider the biodiversity, growing conditions, aesthetics, and creativity when choosing plants for your vertical garden or living wall. Some of the best living wall plants include ferns, succulents, Bromeliads, and vines, to mention but a few.

You can never run out of options when landscaping your outdoor living space. However, like other decorating styles, landscape renovation trends keep changing with time. Every experimentation with gardening yields new trends with increased comfort and convenience. It is best to stay informed of what is happening in the landscaping industry to be among the first to discover when new trends emerge.


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