6 Easy Steps To Getting Your House Ready To Sell

6 Easy Steps To Getting Your House Ready To Sell

Have you ever wondered how those homes for sale were made ready to sell? It surely is a lot of work and stress. Yet, it doesn’t need to involve extensive and expensive renovations.

To help you maximise your home’s sale price, here are 6 steps to get your home ready to sell.

1. Declutter your house

We know how special your house is for you; it’s been your safe place for some time. However, for potential buyers, it’s another property that they would like to see if it fits their needs. 

Typically, homebuyers would like to picture themselves living in the house they’re inspecting, with their furnishings in the room. If you want it to sell handsomely and fast, consider getting over your emotional attachment. Put away your family photos, collectibles and other mementos. Also, remove distinct personal touches. You may love your brightly painted accent wall, but will the buyer feel the same? When selling your house, look at it as a buyer would.

When decluttering a house for sale, take out unnecessary furniture or appliances from view as they can be an eyesore to buyers who will tour your property. The kitchen counters must also be clear, and the common areas should be tidy. Do the same with your cabinets as buyers will probably snoop and look for storage. If your house is free of clutter, buyers can focus on the actual home, not on the junk and overflowing closets. Downsize your belongings so the room will look bigger, and you will be able to command a high selling price. 

2. Give your house a deep cleaning

You’re probably aware that first impressions last. That’s why it should be the best impression you should make. To prepare your house for selling, make sure that it’s in pristine condition. Straighten up your home before you even put it on the market. A clean house is always an attractive house.

Whether you prefer to call the professionals or do it yourself, be sure to make a deep cleaning checklist. This will ensure you won’t forget anything. Start your list with the big things like bathtubs, sinks, toilets, the walls and counters, floors and baseboards, fridges and dishwashers. Don’t let the foul smells and dusty surfaces disappoint the potential buyers!

In addition to the big items, check out the small things too. These are items that may not seem like they will cause any problems, but buyers are likely to see them. Small things include vents and fan blades, switchplates, light fixtures and windowsills.

3. Make necessary repairs and upgrades that pay off

Are your AC filters dirty? If yes, then replace them. Locks, leaky faucets, cracks in the walls, running toilets, squeaky doors and malfunctioning AC – these are just some of the things to fix that should be taken care of before listing your house. Otherwise, your potential buyers may think that your house has not been well-maintained. 

Repairs and upgrades need not be grand; don’t spend too much of your resources on them. You might not get your money back if you do large renovation projects before selling your home. Simple and quick fixes on big-ticket items will surely pay off. 

4. Improve your lighting

When showing your home to potential buyers, all light fixtures will be turned on. This is one good reason why you should enhance your lighting. Most buyers prefer a bright space with good lighting. Surely, good lighting is a powerful asset because it can change how a house or a particular room looks, and it makes your house more sellable. If you fail to update or improve your lighting, your home may look older or smaller. It could be a turnoff to potential buyers. 

5. Spruce up your home exterior

Your house exterior is the first thing buyers will see. If they find it not interesting, they might not even get out of their agent’s car to check the inside. So make your exterior more welcoming and appealing. Be sure your potential buyers will feel at home. Some things you can do to improve your exterior are the following:

  • Washing the siding of your house
  • Cleaning the gutters
  • Cleaning and mowing the lawn
  • Painting the fence and front door
  • Pressure washing the sidewalk and other pathways

You can also increase the curb appeal of your house by putting flower pots on your front porch or planters at either side of your front door. 

6. Stage your house

Preparing your house to sell doesn’t mean completely empty rooms. Staging your house can help it sell faster and for a higher price. It’s easy to stage the house by furnishing only a few key rooms like the living and dining rooms. However, you can also consider getting a staging company to do it.

Are you now prepared to make your house appealing and ready to sell? These easy steps can surely increase your chances of getting favourable offers from potential buyers.


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