6 Best Ways to Make Your Bedroom More Comfortable

6 Best Ways to Make Your Bedroom More Comfortable

When you think of the bedroom, some words might come to mind. Cozy, comfortable, relaxing, warm and welcoming will perhaps be among them. Our bedrooms should be our haven from the world. The place where we can truly let our guard down and be ourselves. Where we can throw our clothes off at the end of the day and relax. Where we sleep, and where we wake up in the morning. Our bedrooms are the one area of our homes that aren’t designed for guests and visitors, but only for ourselves, and our partners. This makes the bedroom perhaps the most important and certainly the most personal room in our houses.

Unfortunately, however, not all bedrooms are cozy and comfortable. Some are dull, others hard. Some bedrooms are lifeless, and some just don’t invite relaxation and comfort. They aren’t easy to sleep in, and they don’t boast a peaceful atmosphere. 

If your bedroom isn’t meeting your needs, here are a few of the best ways to make it more comfortable. 

Start at the Bottom

The flooring in your bedroom should be soft, warm and comfortable. When you first put your feet down on your bedroom floor in the morning, they should be welcomed by soft materials that make getting out of the bed in the dead of winter more bearable. 

Underfloor heating could be ideal, but even without such a large addition, a soft, thick pile rug by the side of your bed could instantly and effectively add comfort to your bedroom. 

Upgrade Your Mattress

Your mattress is the most important piece in your bedroom. You might not be able to see it once it is covered in bedding, but it is what supports you. A supportive and comfortable mattress will improve your posture, help you to sleep better, and make it easier to relax at bedtime. 

If you wake up achy, your mattress probably needs an upgrade. But, the best mattress for your personal comfort depends on your sleeping position. Pay attention to how you sleep so that you know what kind of mattress you need to support your body best. 

Indulge in Luxury Bedding

Your bedding is also important and easy to upgrade. Duvets should be soft and light. They should be able to keep you warm, without being too heavy or oppressive. Down is an ideal material. Bed linen should also be soft and smooth. Replace older bedding if it’s starting to feel rough or scratchy. 

Add Some Seating

If you spend time perched on the edge of your bed, or crouching over your dressing table to do your hair in the morning, it’s time to add a chair. 

A comfortable seat makes getting ready easier, but also gives you an alternative to the bed when you want to curl up with a good book. 

Improve the Air Quality

Air quality isn’t something that we’re always conscious of. But, if the air in your bedroom is very damp or musty, the room might smell bad, and it could affect your health and your ability to sleep well. Add houseplants, and perhaps a dehumidifier if it is very damp. 

Add Texture

Adding some texture to your bedroom makes it feel soft and cozy. It will make the room more welcoming and make it easier to get comfy. Add thick materials, such as woollen throws and rugs, velvet cushions and heavy curtains for an easy comfort boost. 


When you add a new accessory to your bedroom, ask if it will increase your comfort. Blankets, throws and cushions will be the obvious choices. But, even freshly cut flowers, pretty vases, and leather-bound books could improve your comfort and help you to relax. 

Having a more comfortable bedroom can help you to get more sleep, manage your stress levels, and find comfort and peace in your home. Which, in this busy and uncertain world are more important than ever.


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