6 Benefits of a Regular Home Electrical Inspection

6 Benefits of a Regular Home Electrical Inspection

Did you know that faulty wiring and electrical equipment are among the leading causes of house fires in the U.S.?

Although getting an electrical inspection for your home might not be something you think about very often, it can be a literal lifesaver. It’ll also help you avoid damage to your home and belongings.
 A home electrical inspection is a checkup of your home’s entire electrical system. It is done to ensure that all electrical wires, systems, and appliances meet safety regulations.

Still not sure whether you should schedule an inspection? Continue reading to learn about the six benefits of a home electrical inspection.

Save Money

Regularly having a home electrical inspection can actually save you money on your monthly electric bills. When an electrician inspects your home, they can tell you how efficient your current electrical system is. Upgrading your electrical wiring could make your home more efficient. It’ll decrease both your spending and your carbon footprint.

Catch Problems Early

Yearly inspections will help you identify any minor problems in your home before they turn into something much bigger that can cause serious damage and cost a lot of money. For example, an electrician may find frayed wires during an inspection that can be easily fixed. If you didn’t have regular inspections, that frayed wire may eventually create a spark that causes a house fire.

Keep You and Your Family Safe

Faulty wiring can cause a lot of problems. Electrical sparks can cause fires that have the potential to result in property damage and personal injury. Damaged wires can also cause irreversible damage to any electronics plugged in and may cause electrocution. Getting regular home inspections can help keep your loved ones safe and avoid any of these accidents.

Keep Your Electrical System Efficient

Annual inspections will help ensure your electrical system is running at peak performance. You’ll be able to identify any issues or failures in the electrical system early on and have them fixed immediately. This will keep your electricity costs down and increase the productivity and lifespan of your electronics.

Avoid Malfunctions

Protecting your appliances and electronics from faulty wiring is important for their longevity. Anything hooked up to frayed wires can be damaged. An annual inspection will help ensure your appliances and electronics won’t be damaged.

Follow Electrical Standards

All electricians in the U.S. follow the National Electric Code (NEC) when performing home inspections. The NEC creates the foundation for electrical safety and defines the minimum standards in the United States.

In addition to the national standard, there are local electrical standards and codes that homeowners must follow. In some localities, getting regular inspections is required by the regulations.

Ready to Schedule Your Home Electrical Inspection?

There are so many benefits to regularly scheduling home electrical inspections. Besides saving you money, they’ll help you avoid problems and damage to your home. There’s no better time to start protecting your home and family! If you’re interested in more homeowner tips and content, check out the rest of our blog.


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