5 Ways to Sell an Unattractive Home

5 Ways to Sell an Unattractive Home

Homeowners selling an ugly house may worry about finding a buyer for their property. With plenty of homes boasting curb appeal and amenities throughout, sellers may feel they have an ugly house when compared to other properties on the market.

However, with market trends creating a seller’s market, it’s easier than ever for homeowners to sell an ugly house. With a little TLC and some useful tips and tricks, ugly houses for sale are simply a diamond in the rough.

To learn the 5 best ways to sell a small ugly house, keep reading for information guaranteed to transform an ugly house into a hidden gem.

1. Highlight the Location

One of the driving factors for prospective homebuyers is location. If you’re looking to sell an ugly house, be sure to focus on all the area has to offer. If there are parks and activities nearby, then use this as a selling point.

If your neighborhood is residential, be sure to mention the local school district, opportunities for children to play, and a sense of community. For homes located near cities, make a list of nightlife, dining, and entertainment, and showcase why your home is situated in a fantastic area.

2. Focus on Fast, Affordable Repairs

While it may not be possible to redo your entire home, you can make small, affordable repairs and upgrades to help give an ugly house a makeover. If your kitchen is outdated, consider painting the cabinets and adding new hardware. This weekend project will give your kitchen a face-lift, without breaking the bank.

Landscaping is also a fantastic way to make an ugly house look appealing. Spend time cleaning up your yard and removing clutter and debris. Add a fresh layer of mulch and paint your front door to give your home a welcoming appearance.

Don’t forget to power wash your siding to show prospective buyers how well-maintained your home is.

3. Utilize Social Media

Social media is an excellent way of reaching prospective buyers and showcasing your home. Post pictures of your upgrades, discuss all your home has to offer and mention local attractions.

Ask friends and family members to share your listing to help get the word out. You can post your ugly house for sale as often as you want, reaching new people daily.

4. Competitive Pricing

When listing an ugly house for sale, be sure to know the market value of comparable homes in your area. While it may be tempting to raise the price to achieve top-dollar, it’s important to stay competitive.

Frequently review the listing price on local homes to ensure your house is priced accordingly. Ugly house buyers will appreciate the competitive pricing, fully aware that your home will require some TLC and fixing-up.

5. Be Upfront

Don’t hide your home’s flaws. Transparency is key, and potential buyers will appreciate this. Instead of hiding your home’s shortcomings, inform buyers of all the potential your house has to offer.

If your home has ample closet space, let them know. You can redo a kitchen, but adding square footage is more difficult without a major addition.

Selling an Ugly House

Now that you know the basics of selling an ugly house, get ready to list your property and find a buyer. Remember to do simple repairs, keep your home and yard clean, and price your house competitively. To learn more about the housing market and for information about interior design, be sure to check out the rest of our blogs for the latest in real estate.


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