5 Tips To Optimize Space And Make The Most Of Your Home Office

5 Tips To Optimize Space And Make The Most Of Your Home Office

Productivity when working from home can be tricky. There are so many distractions that it’s important to have a space that invigorates your work life.

There are many ways to do this, and we’ve listed five of our favorite ways to optimize your workspace so that you love going to work, even if it is just down the hall from where you woke up!

Making the most out of your home office

The following fice tips are simple ways to improve your home office or set up a home office in your investment property to increase its appeal. Anyone can do them in spaces of any size, so read on, give them a try, and watch your home work-life flourish!

Tip #1: Feng shui your desk

Rearranging your desk according to Feng shui practices can help you feel more energized. Feng shui applies spatial arrangement, which is said to create an energy balance. This optimally designed layout requires you to place your desk in a “commanding position.” Make sure that your back does not face the door, and set it diagonal to the room’s entrance, so you face the door. You should also have a solid wall behind you as opposed to a large space or window.

Tip #2: Use a lot of green 

The paint colors you choose for your home office are important. The right choice can stimulate your creativity and productivity, and if we draw from the rules of Feng shui again, you should be using a lot of green. This color is associated with growth and decisiveness while also creating feelings of calm. This isn’t just from Feng Shui either; the University of Munich ran a study that found the color green can awaken creative performance! 

You don’t have to paint the entire office green. Just opt for an accent wall green or fill the space with plenty of plants (which also offer the benefit of improved air quality).

Tip #3: Ensure proper lighting and plenty of natural light

According to Carnegie Mellon University, higher lighting levels and plenty of natural light can improve productivity. 

When setting up your home office, try to optimize light levels making use of any available natural light to boost your productivity. Improper lighting leads to eye fatigue and drowsiness, which will unquestionably affect your productivity. It is also important to consider the hue of light. Warm color temperatures calm, but cool color temperatures promote productivity. We recommend including an LED task light which has several color temperature options for flexibility.

Tip #4: Use a standing desk

Standing desks are another way to increase productivity. Humans weren’t designed to sit all day, and if we do, we can see a decrease in productivity and an increase in obesity and cardiovascular problems.

An interchangeable sitting and standing desk will allow you to alternate standing with sitting throughout the day. Aim to split the workday and do four hours of each, with small 10-minute breaks for a walk or some stretching sprinkled throughout as well. If you do opt for a standing desk, you’ll also need to ensure you are wearing the appropriate footwear with proper support.

A motorized standing desk, while expensive, can make the configuration change of your office much easier. Alternatively, if you have the space, have both a sitting and standing desk in separate areas of the office. A change is as good as a holiday, right?

Tip #5: Clear the clutter

A cluttered workspace leads to a cluttered mind. Do a clean put of your desk (regularly) and get rid of all the things you don’t need. For the stuff that remains, find storage containers or folders that will help organize them and keep them neat. You can easily get a Man and Van company in London to help you move stuff to the storage if needed.

From filing cabinets to decorative baskets and holders, it’s easy to be functional with office implements that also look good. When you finally have a neat, attractive, and organized space, you’ll see a boost in happiness and productivity.

Love where you work

The weird combination of your office also being a part of your home should actually make it easier to keep it looking good. After all, you likely take pride in your home and have put a lot of thought into its interior design. The office space should be included in that, and if it is, you’ll enjoy going to work each day a little more.

Check out our article on how to turn your home into a source of well-being to make sure you set the right tone throughout your house.


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